9 Beauty Products

9 Beauty Products that’ll save you This Summer

Summers bring out the beach wear, the floral dresses, your shorts and the ganjis from your wardrobe. It’s bye bye to the woollen sweaters, scarves and all the winter snug wear. When your wardrobe changes with the season then why not your beauty products? How do the products used in winter work effectively on your skin, hair, nails in the summers as well?

9 Beauty Products
While you are having fun and enjoying your pool parties, your vacations, shopping and swimming in the oceans these summer activities can play mayhem on your nails, hair and skin.

These summers add in these nine indispensable body, skin and hair care products to your kitty and they shall keep your pretty looks intact all throughout summer. Go ahead, explore and have fun in your favourite season.

1. A good Sunscreen
A good Sunscreen
If you are not using a sunscreen at all, now is the time to start. Sunscreen should be worn each and every day. They protect the skin from the harsh burns and also take care of premature aging. There are no excuses about not applying one because of the oiliness and stickiness. Walgreens Sheer Dry touch formula can be applied smoothly and does not make your skin sticky. It is inexpensive too. Carry it in your takings and reapply as often as you feel.

2. All Purpose Oil
All Purpose Oil
Even summers make your skin dry, patchy and can cause burns. Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of all these with a single product? Multipurpose oil can keep the dryness and roughness at bay. It can soothe the burns and protect the rough, itchy skin patches. Melvita Argan oil is your perfect solution and a must have this season.

3. Face wash

Face wash

Catch hold of a refreshing face wash these summers. The foamy, extra crème face washes can be kept away for a few months. The face wash for this season should cleanse and wash away the oil, dirt and grime leaving the face refreshed. Pick something minty or fruity for the summer cool feeling. The Luxe Mint Cleansing Gel from Renee Rouleau product line rejuvenates your face.

4.  A Lip Balm

A Lip Balm

Excessive heat in the summers can also chap your luscious lips and lip balms are an excellent solution to keeping them soft and supple. When a hot, dry or even a sticky humid day, gets on your nerves, add on a soft smoothening coloured lip balm. The little splash of colour uplifts your moods. Invest in a Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm this season. It has Vitamin E and nourishing beeswax keeping the lips smooth and soft. It is available in 6 soft shades.

5.  A Moisturizer

A Moisturizer

It is a misconception that moisturizers are only used in the winters. How do you take care of the sun drying up your skin? You can go in for a mattifying moisturizer this season to control the oil and shine in the T zone. A mattifying moisturizer helps prevent the break outs on the skin surface as well. A hydrate product brings to you Oil control mattifier with SPF 15, Murad.

6.  A summer Scent

A summer Scent

Excessive sweating in the summertime, gives out fouls body odour. The soaring temperatures can make regular perfumes and scents stronger than the normal.  A light formulated, breezy scent is the ideal choice when the temperatures rise. The light seaside scent of Comptoir Sud Pacifique Coco Figue with almond, fig, caramel, coconut and Madagascar vanilla ingredients transport you to the tropics.

7.  A Bronzer

A Bronzer

A bronzer adds just the little shine to your skin this summer season. Even if you want to keep your skin a little pale, a tinge of a good bronzer adds the special glow in the summer heat. A good bodacious bronzer adds the style quotient and makes your skin look flawless. Laura Mercier Bronzing Pressed Powder is just what you need to keep in your purse.

8.  Protection for your Hair Colour

Hair Colour

When you are ready to step out in the sun this season, you need to take care of your hair. The Harmful UV rays damage the hair texture and leave them dry. Your hair care routine needs that little extra in these hot months. Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream controls the frizz and does not let your hair go astray with the wind. It also gives your hair a smooth silky touch. It adds moisture to the dry strands. When going to the beaches it is a must have.

9.  Tinted Sunscreen

Tinted Sunscreen

Don’t want to apply foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen all together? Get liberated from the gloppy and overdone feeling on extremely hot days. You don’t have to select any one instead go in for a triple treat. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Mineral Tinted Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid is just the beauty product you are looking for on a hot day. It combines all three, foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen giving your skin UV protection without leaving it oily or dry and just that enough tint to even it out.


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