How to choose a wedding ring?

Diamond Engagement Ring for Couples

Wedding rings when compared to other body additives or jewelry are classic by nature. May be this is because they are intended to be worn forever, at least till death do you part, or so they say. Making a decision of what to buy in this case is not easy. This article gives you some insights into the most essential things to look out for when purchasing a wedding ring.

When you are tasked with the responsibility of getting a wedding ring for your bride or groom, there are a few essential things you need to look for in one. Here are some of the most important ones.

The metal from which wedding ring is made

There is nothing that you have to look for in wedding ring than its metal. According to experts drawn from wedding planners, people who’ve been married for decades, and such, you have to ensure that the metal the ring is made of covers all the areas like symbolizing your love, and given its an accessory, God willing , you look forward to wearing it to the day you die.

You have to ensure that your wedding ring is from a great metal, and is durable. Some of the most popular metals you can choose from when looking for a wedding ring include white gold, yellow gold, and platinum and more recently, titanium has also come to fit the bill. One thing to note with gold, which is apparently, top of the list for most couples, consider getting one that is less than 20K because, the 24 carat rings are a bit too soft to last a lifetime.

Shape of the wedding ring

Normally, when you propose, you tend to give one ring. However, after the wedding, a second ring will have to be added. According to experts, when choosing the ultimate shape of the wedding, keep in mind how the wedding ring will sit on her finger together with the engagement ring.

Moreover, given that most engagement rings are curved by nature for prominence, you might want to consider getting a curved wedding ring, fitting wedding ring and so forth. Alternatively, you can jut get whatever shape you desire and make your bride wear a ring on separate hands, for convenience. Getting the assistance of a good wedding ring jeweler can help you get a wedding ring that sits perfect with the engagement ring.

Band type

You have probably looked at a ring side ways.  If you have, you probably have seen different shapes on this exterior expose.  This is one thing you might also want to consider when you want to buy a wedding ring. There are different shapes and styles that can be used to design the band. Some of the popular ones include one that is wavy, striated, flat and sometimes, domed, etc. As a couple, you might want to customize this with some personal symbolism to make your wedding rings special. However, you are free to choose whatever style you want to choose.

Her tastes

Finally, though not least important, you also have to consider what her fashion tastes are. This is certainly challenging, but for some women, how they look and wear matter. Some of the one you may choose to customize into a jewel set- wedding ring include rubies, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and  topaz, all of which are harder and play this role perfect. In general, a wedding ring should last a lifetime; take your time to get one that never fades and is totally symbolic.


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