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A Day to Remember: 5 Tips for Documenting Your Wedding

The day of your wedding will likely be the most special and important day of your life. Documenting the events of your wedding as well as the reception can provide indelible memories to cherish always. Here are some of the best tips and methods to keep in mind when documenting your wedding day:

5 Tips for Documenting Your Wedding

1. Take Videos and Photos

One of the best ways to capture special moments on your wedding day is to document them through photos and film. You may even wish to hire a professional photographer or videographer to do the work. Some couples also opt to rent a photo booth. Using digital formats for taking pictures and capturing videos is the best way to ensure the longevity of these precious images. As a less expensive alternative, simply leaving disposable cameras on tables for guests to use is another way of documenting your wedding day.

2. Create a Wedding Booklet

Wedding booklets make great keepsakes. These custom booklets can include special images, messages, and even stationery items kept from the wedding. You may also wish to keep a ceremony booklet with details about the event. These types of booklets can easily be professionally printed.

3. Have a Guest Book

In addition to having a wedding booklet, you can also have a designated book for guests to sign. Having a guest booklets guests at your wedding leave personal messages and words of encouragement. Guest books are available in many different themes and even include options like guest book picture frames and serving platters.

4. Hire an Artist

Another creative way of preserving memories from your wedding day is to hire a skilled artist to paint images of the event. These artists can add a unique flare to the images they create. You can then display the finished images around your home for everyone to see.

5. Save Items

One of the easiest ways to remember your wedding is to save certain items that were used during the day. These items may include things like dresses, tuxedos, and shoes. Artificial flowers can also be stored for safekeeping. If real flowers are used in floral bouquets, some of these flowers can be crushed in a book for preservation. You can also save decorations and candles.

Properly documenting your wedding day is the best way to remember this event for many years to come. Having tangible forms of your memories enables you to relive the day over and over again.


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