Design a Creative Invitation Card

How To Design a Creative Invitation Card for Your Wedding

Design a Creative Invitation CardPlanning for your big day down the aisle? I am sure you are struggling to keep sane at this moment and are totally stressed out. But what if I told you that you could save up some money from your wedding budget by making the invitations yourself! Sounds like too much work and a risk of looking cheap? That is not true. You can design the wedding invitations yourself and still look classy. The big plus is you can add a personal touch to it and your guests would surely appreciate the effort you put into designing the invitation card yourself.

You have many options at hand when it comes to choosing the color, style and theme of the invitations. Don’t stick with the very common, Russian doll wedding invitations style. Think out of the box and let your creativity flow!

1. Choose a theme

Choose a theme 2Choosing the theme of the wedding card is the first step. You want to go funky, make it funny or dazzling.

Choose a theme 1The theme of the invitation should complement that of your wedding. You can use cutouts even for the card. Adding a touch of humor always makes the invitation popular among the invitees.  There are many themes to choose from: cartoon, winter wonderland, beach, circus and travel themes are great options to make a creative invitation.

2. Pick out the colors

The colors of the card make the invitation’s design a success or a fail so choose them carefully. You can use the traditional pastel palette or the trendier black and red one. To get the wow factor try experimenting with a different palette.

Pick out the colorsLook at this wedding invitation with green and black as the main colors that dominate the card. It surely looks striking!

While playing with colors don’t go too overboard. A cluttered invitation card looks like it has been designed by an amateur. Choose three colors at max.

3. Decide on the font style

Decide on the font styleChoose the font you find goes with the theme of the card. After that decide on what size you want the font to be. You can see by the card displayed below that going bold and using uppercase can work wonderfully.

4. Layer it

layersThe cool part in the card is all in the layers. Layers can make the card look elegant or fun! In short layering up the card gives it style. But keep in mind keep the card simple if you add layers or pop outs.

5. Accessorize

Add ribbons, buttons, sequins, lace or any other sort of accessory to glam the invitation up. Also if you plan on adding glitter don’t overdo it! Wedding stamp sets are available in the market. The best part of making the invitation card by yourself is that you can accessorize it the way you want!

Keep these pointers in my mind while designing the invitation card and you’ll create a masterpiece! Happy crafting J


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