DIY Wedding

DIY Wedding Ideas

A wedding is a romantic and elegant event that should be all about you and your partner; it should reflect your love and both your personalities. Sadly, as simple as it seems, it can be very difficult to accomplish: what if you don’t like the things you are offered to choose from? What if the flower arrangements you can choose from are not really ‘you’, and decorations are not to your liking? This day is the one you will remember forever, so don’t be afraid to take the matter into your own hands.

DIY Flower Arrangements

By choosing not to hire a floral designer, but design your own floral arrangements, you will be able to save some money and ensure all your requests are met. First you should ask about prices of flowers and decide how many would you need. In addition, you should know if the flowers you want can be found at that time or should they be imported, in which case the price will inevitably go up. Ensure you have a backup plan in your sleeve in case your initial requests cannot be met, you never know what can come up and what complications can occur.

DIY Green Ideas

DIY Green IdeasIf you are interested in environmentally friendly products and always looking for ways to green up your life, DIY eco-friendly ideas can help your cause and make your special day even more special. Instead or real flowers, you can opt for paper ones, and have paper garlands make of old newspapers, recycled paper, or any other paper you no longer use. You can even color that paper and glue some glitter on it to get romantic look. Have hanging umbrellas instead of balloon decorations, not only is this option less harmful for the environment and the animals, but it will look amazing on photos and give lovely light.

DIY Flower Girl Accessories

DIY Flower Girl AccessoriesDon’t steer away from your little flower girls and have only their mothers think of them on your big day. In a way, this day is big for them too, so try making it even more special by designing their flower crowns, pomanders, and by giving them ribbon wands and a beautiful pendant each that would match their flower girl dresses. You can even make them little lace crowns which you can glue to simple headbands so they can be little princesses for a day.

DIY Wedding Favors

DIY Wedding FavorsWedding favors can be so sterile and boring, but you can change all that with a bit of imagination. Have little chili bottles for each guest with a small note saying ‘Thanks for spicing up our big day’, or some flower seeds with a note: ‘Plant the love and watch it grow’. You can also choose to give away sweets, flowers in small pots, or miniature bottles of honey. Anything that reflects who you are and what you want for your guests will be perfect.

You don’t have to make all these with your own hands, but don’t be afraid to step in as soon as you notice that something doesn’t feel right. You and your partner should feel good about everything around you, and when you look at the photos from that day several decades later, you will smile gently because you will recognize your own ‘signature’ in many details.


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