DJ vs live band

DJ vs Live Band: How to make the right decision for you?

It’s your special day, your wedding guests have just witnessed you and your partner tie the knot, and now you want them to dance the night away with you.

But choosing music to suit your wedding theme and the desired vibe is a decision that can make or break your big day. The two most common options for wedding music are hiring either a DJ or a live band.

There are pros and cons to each, and this guide will help you to make the right decision.

Is it better to have a band or DJ at a wedding?

Things to consider when planning wedding music


Every penny counts when budgeting for your wedding. But is a DJ or band cheaper for a wedding? Well, a DJ tends to be slightly more affordable than wedding bands for hire.

A big influence on the price is whether your wedding is held on a weekday or at the weekend. Keep in mind that prices tend to increase over weekend dates and in the popular summer months.

Having a figure in mind and sticking to it when booking your wedding music is key. Remember, you can always negotiate the fee once you’ve decided on the best option.


AmbienceDJ’s and live bands offer an entirely different vibe to your day. A DJ can create a playlist which includes specific artists and songs that you and your partner have requested, often at no extra fee. However, this can sometimes come at the cost of achieving intimacy within your celebrations.

A live band can also tailor their setlist to include special requests, but bear in mind that this can come at an extra cost, especially if song requests aren’t in their usual set. Despite the potential extra cost, the addition of personal songs to a live performance can provide a wedding atmosphere that is much more intimate and romantic.

If you opt to hire a wedding band, then there is a wide range of themed bands to fit in with all types of wedding. So, if you are a Beatles fan, then why not book a Beatles tribute act and party the night away like you’re in the ’60s!

Limited space and restrictions

When booking your entertainment, it’s important to know your venue’s restrictions and whether these will have an impact on your choice of music. For example, if the band you choose uses electric equipment, does your venue have the electrical ports they need to set up? If you’ve decided to book a large band, does your chosen venue have the right capacity?

Being well prepared and knowing the restrictions of your venue will make planning your big day seamless.

Watch your act live before choosing

Watch your act live before choosingIf you are stuck between various bands or DJs, narrow down your options by going to see them live. You may feel like you’ve chosen the best act to cater to all your needs, but watching them live can reveal how they perform and interact with an audience. By seeing a DJ or band in action, this will help you to assess if they’re the best fit.

Can I have a band and a DJ at my wedding?

DJs and live bands create completely different atmospheres to an event. If you can’t decide between them, why choose? Most acts will charge a fee depending on the length of the set. So, perhaps you can have both!

Instead of booking one for the whole reception, you could book two shorter performances with both to get the best of both worlds.


The wonderful thing about choosing your wedding music is that ultimately, there is no right or wrong decision. It’s a personal choice to be made by you and your partner to make your wedding the most magical day of your lives. Follow our guide, and you’ll have your perfect wedding music booked in no time!


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