Wedding Makeup for Hot Weather

How to Get the Best Wedding Makeup Look for Hot Weather

With the advent of summers, you would certainly be relieved of the necessity to overdress with trench coats and fur jackets, but with soaring temperatures, your skin can turn into an oil slick if you ignore using the right products for your skin.

If your wedding has been scheduled in summer months, it makes matters worse because wedding makeup can become an even more herculean task to accomplish during summers. You would certainly not want your makeup caking over as you speak to your invitees over dinner.

Wedding Makeup for Hot WeatherSo what should you do to combat the effects of hot weather on your skin and get the best wedding makeup?

One thing not to do is fret; instead read more to know some tips and tricks that will allow you to get the desired look out of your makeup in hot weather.


Make sure the skin is ready to accept makeup. Wash it with a clay cleanser to remove oil and grime. In case you wish to use foundation further, apply a lotion instead of cream to moisturise the skin. This is because creams have more oil content than lotions. Avoid using products that have Zinc Oxide or Titanium Oxide as their sun protection element. Make use of mineral cosmetics to prevent harm to your skin.


No matter how strongly you want to go without foundation on your wedding day to let your inner glow shine through; do not make the mistake of skipping foundation because you might not get photographed well without it. Opt for an oil free or silicon based foundation. Such foundations do not clog pores of the skin and hence allow it to breathe.


Contouring is a nice way to accentuate your bone structure and ensure that you look polished from all angles. In order to highlight parts of your face, apply a shade or two lighter on those areas. Use a darker shade on the hollow of your cheeks and underneath the jaw line.

Eyes and Lips:

Start your make up with an eye base. Apply matt powder shadows carefully using a brush. Use a neutral color to emphasize eyebrows and then apply light color under the arches to define their shape. Define the shape of eyes with a pencil and subsequently soften and blend the line with powder eye shadow to avoid smudging. In the end, add some waterproof mascara to the lashes.

For lips, all you need is a lip gloss or a lipstick. To give better staying power to the gloss, use a lip pencil first. Make an outline of your lips and then fill color with the gloss or lipstick. If you want lipstick or gloss to stay really long, blot the lipstick with an oil blotting paper and then apply again.


Use powdered blusher and avoid cream based ones on a hot day. Dust it at places where you expect the sun to cause maximum damage. Most vulnerable areas of your face are forehead, nose, top of cheekbones and chin. A feminine shade of blush on your cheek apples will add grace to your face.


In the end you come to the makeup artists’ top tip i.e. spraying fine mist of water over makeup to allow it to set. Make sure you try out new products in advance and not experiment with them on the final day itself.

Try to use mineral makeup while adhering to the tips mentioned above. It will not only obviate chances of your skin getting damaged but also nourish your skin. If followed in letter and spirit, these tips can go a long way in allowing you to get the type of makeup you want despite the hot weather.


I’m Pauline Youngblood, founder and president of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. We offers high quality minerals cosmetics that enable you to show-off a fresh and vitalized look. We help to give the desired make up effects and keep the skin health and revitalized with Natural Creme Powder Makeup Foundation.