Homemade Acne Treatment

5 Homemade Acne Treatment That Helps

Most experts around the world specializing in skin care have different opinions like homemade treatments for acne. All of them say that there are a lot of demands to obtain such skin in having a fair complexion. There should be a foundation in right eating habits and good hygiene for the skin. We should also keep our faces clean. Having a well-balanced meal together with drinking a lot of water also helps. These kinds of methods can really help us avoid acne. Moreover, homemade treatments can be a great help too to ease acne.

5 Homemade Treatments for Acne

A short time ago, many over-the-counter medicines can do help with the problem of having acne. But there are still some of us who gets allergies or irritation from those medicines and some even get worse skin condition than before. So, others are advised to make use of homemade treatments for acne which are not only cheap but also effective.

1. Rice Water

Rice Water Homemade Acne TreatmentWe shouldn’t hide the fact that healthy skin is a result of keeping up good habits. Whether that’s eating healthy foods or applying rice water on your skin regularly, your skin will thank you for this care by having fewer breakouts. Many people who have experienced skin problems have tested organic solutions such as rice water to help, and the effects are always positive.

2. Alcohol + Water

Alcohol + Water Homemade Acne TreatmentFor additional homemade treatments that can be used for acne, you can try dipping a piece of cotton into an alcohol mixed with water and gently apply it to your face. This does not only dry your skin from the oil but it also prohibits the bacteria. Make sure that not to overuse alcohol for it may lead into skin irritation or your skin will also start peeling. However, you can as well make use of other homemade treatments especially designed for acne.

3. Oatmeal Mask

Oatmeal Mask Homemade Acne TreatmentThose persons who have a really oily skin have a complexion problem which usually results in blackheads. One of the homemade treatments for an oily skin is to treat it with an oatmeal mask. It is also cost effective. When oatmeal is mashed, it turns into a great scrub and is also very effective in soaking away the excess oil of your face. Oatmeal is very dry so it absorbs the oil from your skin. When making use of an oatmeal paste, always wash with cold water because it helps in toning your pores. Apply it to your face in the morning and evening then allow it to remain on your face for about 10 to 20 minutes.

4. Honey + Apples

Honey + Apple Homemade Acne TreatmentOther homemade treatments for acne are making use of the honey with apples used as a mask to prevent from having oily skin. First thing you do is to grate the apples into a fine pulp, mix then pour it into the honey and apply it to your face for 10 to 20 minutes. Afterwards, wash it off with warm water. You can do this twice to thrice a week depending on the kind of skin you have.

5. Egg + Lemon

Egg + Lemon Homemade Acne TreatmentOne of the homemade treatments for acne includes applying beaten egg with drops of witch hazel and lemon juice. Spread over your face then leave it for 15 minutes, rinsing it with warm water.

These are a few of homemade treatments specifically for acne which are inexpensive and easy to do. Anyone can try this in the comfort of our own home without hassles of going to skin clinics.


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