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How Technology Is Revolutionizing The Everyday Woman’s Beauty Routine

The Internet has transformed the beauty industry, as the majority of women are no longer leafing through magazines to learn about the latest makeup and skincare trends. Instead, many are logging on to YouTube to learn how to contour, how to perfect their eyebrows, or know more about the hottest and most talked-about products. Statistics show that as of April 2018, YouTube beauty and style channels are among the most popular in terms of subscriber numbers, with Mexican beauty blogger Yuya leading the pack with 21.19 million subscribers.

As more women are going online to find answers to their beauty queries, companies are also turning out beauty-related tech to change the way women prepare to face the day ahead. Even salons are now adopting various types of beauty tech in order to give their clients a more innovative and personalized experience. Here’s how technology is revolutionizing the everyday woman’s beauty routine.

Customized products at a push of a button

Earlier this year, German brand Henkel launched a new technology called SalonLab that would enable salons to analyze their clients’ hair and scalp conditions. Once the analysis is complete, the client would get a recommendation from beauty consultants for the right kind of shampoo for their hair type, and an in-house machine will be used to custom mix a specific blend for each customer. This technology will be launched in Europe later this year, and it may help to address various hair problems, such as falling hair, excessive dryness, and brittleness. Salon owners looking to furnish their business with styling and beauty equipment may the new tech instrumental in bringing in and retaining clients, which is always a challenge in the competitive salon business.

Addressing specific needs and beauty solutions

Beauty equipment specialists Salon CA says that having the right equipment, such as a styling station, can greatly enhance one’s daily beauty routine. For instance, a good-quality mirror with built-in lighting can make getting ready a lot easier when you’re scrambling to get out the door for work or getting your glow on for a night out with friends. But what if your mirror could analyze your skin, make product recommendations based on your current skin condition, and tell you to toss your moisturizer because it’s almost near its expiration date?

According to Allure, new A.I. technology enables smart mirrors to do all these. While a smart mirror may not be as complimentary as Snow White’s stepmother’s magic mirror, it may be a lot more useful when it comes to addressing minor skin conditions.

Taking DIY treatments to new heights

Instead of heading out to the dermatologist or aesthetician’s office, women are now able to do treatments at home via the latest gadgets. From devices that emit LED light to zap pimples to a laser that allows one to get rid of an unwanted body and facial hair at home, new technologies are allowing more women to take their DIY approach to beauty to another level.

Smart devices and artificial intelligence are breaking new ground as these are slowly getting introduced into the daily life of the everyday woman. But don’t just head out to get these nifty gadgets—find out what works best for you and your lifestyle, and decide whether a high-tech mirror or a custom-blended shampoo may be the answer to your beauty woes. Sometimes, it only takes a little effort to be the best version of yourself, with or without the help of new technology.  


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