Shoes for Hospital Workers

How to Find Stylish Shoes for Hospital Workers

The work of medical staff is humane, and the people who perform it are often more dedicated to the patients than to themselves. Nurses and doctors often work 12 hours or more during the day and spend much of their time on their feet.

It is not surprising that hospital workers make a majority of the population suffering lower extremity injuries and diseases. On this webpage, you can see the list of the common medical issues related to feet.

There are many risks to your legs when you are on your feet for an extended period. These risks are only increased if you do not have the proper support in the form of good shoes. When you work in a hospital or clinic, fashion is not a priority, but solely the functionality and comfort of the footwear. Still, it doesn’t have to mean that all comfortable shoes are ugly and passé.

Evergreen Clogs

One of the first things that come to mind when someone mentions doctors is certainly clogs. There are many reasons why most medical professionals prioritize this footwear, although you have to admit, it is not quite attractive.

Evergreen ClogsThe roomy toe space, the raised heel, and the comfortable anatomical insert are sufficient arguments to make clogs the first choice of all doctors, nurses, but also all those whose work requires more extended standing. Models made from natural materials allow the skin to breathe, which is very important for footwear in which you spend more than half a day.

Upper leather parts of clogs allow air to circulate, and with the addition of antibacterial lining, the feet will not sweat and smell bad. As for designs, with one-color models, you will never go wrong. However, if you want to ‘break’ the monotony of the work uniform a little, you can opt for floral models (ladies), or some geometric patterns (men).

Not-So-Attractive Crocs

Crocs are a model of footwear that most people find ugly, but they return to the stores from season to season. However, they are so comfortable that you will forgive them for every design imperfection. For jobs that require a lot of standing and moving, crocks are a great choice.

Not So Attractive CrocsWhen these, let’s say, unusual shoes appeared for the first time, find out on the following link:

This model of slippers represents ‘upgraded’ clogs with buttonholes. The fronts are the same, while the back parts are different because the crocks are slightly raised. It creates a comfortable foot bearing, from which feet cannot slip.

The original Crocs slippers are made of foam rubber, very lightweight, and comfortable. Copies made of synthetic materials have emerged on the market. They are also comfortable, but after a while, your feet will smell, even though you wash your shoes after each wear.

Initially intended for beachwear, Crocs are usually made in bright colors. However, manufacturers follow modern trends so you can find them in floral or animal print, ikat design, with dots and stripes, and so on.

Trendy Sneakers

Although the medical staff should wear open footwear, it is not uncommon for some of them to wear sneakers or moccasins. It is especially evident in physicians and nurses working in an emergency. The reason is simple – they always have something to do, and most of that, they do in a rush. That’s why they need stable foot support.

Trendy SneakersSince sneakers are footwear that doesn’t always have a particular purpose, in the sense that we can wear them in our spare time, for training, or walking, comfort is paramount to them. Slip-on models, as seen on most Clove shoes, are the most practical; laces can untie and cause movement problems.

Price is not the deciding factor. For a few tens of dollars (if the brand doesn’t matter), you can find some trendy model that you can wear to work at the hospital. The choice is vast and depends on personal preference and style, but it is recommended that you choose sneakers that are easy to clean and maintain.

When working in healthcare facilities, footwear is not just about providing you with stability while walking. Its role is to protect your feet from work injuries as well as germs. So always choose quality work shoes with extra linings and protective layers.


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