Plan a Unique and Creative Proposal

How to Plan a Unique and Creative Proposal

Looking for ways to propose to someone special? Asking someone to marry you and spend the rest of your lives together is a big task. You want everything to go perfectly, no doubt. But how do you ensure that everything goes off without a hitch? Easy! You plan and prepare!

Here is how to plan a unique and creative proposal to your significant other. From choosing a two-tone engagement ring that reflects their unique character to planning a celebration after they finally say “I do,” these tips and tricks will make the proposal successful and make a wonderful, meaningful story you’ll be telling forever — even to your future grandkids.

Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

The engagement ring needs to take their breath away. So choose something that really reflects your significant other’s personality and individual style. If your S.O. loves to shop at antique stores or likes a more on-trend jewelry style, aim for a rose gold engagement ring. If they love everything that shimmers and sparkles, along with a timeless style, open a box with a princess cut engagement ring.

Center the Proposal Around an Activity You Love

Another way to plan a unique and creative proposal is to center it around an activity or pastime that you both love. Whether you propose on the lake where you met at summer camp in your tweens or while eating at your favorite restaurant, it’s sure to be a sentimental way to pop the question. Consider all the activities you both love to share, whether it’s cooking, traveling or just hiking in the local park, and incorporate it into the production seamlessly.

Private vs. Public Setting

Center the Proposal Around an Activity You LoveAs you consider how to plan a one-of-a-kind proposal to the love of your life, take into account whether they are introverts or extroverts. For example, if your honey is a social butterfly who doesn’t mind or craves some attention, plan to propose in front of a crowded setting filled with friends, family and loved ones, or even just a room full of strangers. On the other hand, if your partner is more modest and prefers a more intimate setting, get down on one knee and put your heart on your sleeve for a grand romantic gesture for just them and them alone.

Prepare (and Practice!) a Speech

Prepare a speech to give when you get down on one knee. Not sure where to start? Begin by jotting down some of the most unique, special quirks and things you find charming and love about your partner. Is it the way they smile? Perhaps it is their sense of humor or the way they never fail to say what’s on their mind. Whatever comes to mind, write it down and form the words into a letter or speech. Of course, practice makes perfect! So rehearse when they’re not around to help it go smoothly.

Celebrate with a Momento (Other Than the Ring)

Other than the engagement ring, of course, mark the moment they say “yes” with a special memento. Choose something that is personal, such as the lyrics to the song that was playing when you had your first kiss or first dance. Another stellar idea could be a keepsake from the past, like a handwritten note you wrote in high school when you met. Handcrafted momentos and other small keepsakes will remind you both of this special time in your lives.

Ignite the Senses

Sight, taste, touch and more — the senses are all a part of the experience. However, make sure one of the senses you ignite is smell. Research has proven that smell is the sense that invokes our memories the most, so be sure to evoke a fragrance or aroma of some kind that will bring back this moment time and time again. Carry a bouquet or stem of their favorite flower or propose as you take a walk along a sandy beach filled with salty air. Once you propose and slide the engagement ring onto their hand, celebrate with some tastebud-tingling, bubbly champagne, too.

Consider Their Favorite Things

Aside from a favorite activity you both enjoy, include a few of their favorite things. This can be anything — from their favorite kind of music to their favorite meals and dishes and desserts to their favorite flowers. It could even be simply inviting their favorite people to take part in the proposal. If you adore the puppy you adopted together, make them a part of the special day, too.

Create a Romantic Setting

Create a Romantic SettingAs you prepare for the special day you get down on one knee, consider how to make the chosen setting more romantic. Whether you choose to propose at home or in public, there are countless ways to do so. Find inspiration on Pinterest and wedding blogs, adding your own personal touches. For example, you can find handmade and personalized details, such as framed photos of the two of you or bouquets of their favorite flowers.

Hire an Engagement Photographer

Make sure you capture all the emotion that unfolds — with an engagement photographer! Won’t that spoil the surprise? Not at all! You can ask the photographer to wait secretly in the wings, snapping shots from the moment you get down on one knee, retrieve the ring from your pocket and start the waterworks. Then, once hugging and crying are out of the way, they can capture the two of you and, more importantly, the sparkling ring on your partner’s hand. Later, you can keep the photos for yourselves or place them on a save-the-date!

Hire a Proposal Planner

Yes, just like there are wedding planners, there are proposal planners. If you are nervous or simply more focused on finding the perfect engagement ring, allow someone else to take the reins and plan the moment. By providing a few details about your relationship, such as how the two of you met and what activities you like to do together, they will put together a unique and creative proposal package. They will find the location, purchase decor and everything! All you have to do is bring the ring and the romance.


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