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How to Prevent Melonamas and Skin Cancer?

Residents of Provo are the fittest in the state. Still, like the rest of Utah residents, their chances of developing skin cancer is more than double the national average. UV radiation from the sun is the main culprit, but exposure to the sun is all but unavoidable. Prevent yourself from getting melonamas or skin cancer and requiring skin cancer treatment with the following essential tips:

Get Checked

Melanomas and skin cancer are rarely fatal, especially when early treatment is afforded. Years of neglect may give melanomas and skin cancer the opportunity to grow and spread, becoming more dangerous. However, these growths are visible to the naked eye and easily detected. Men are more likely to disregard signs of melanomas and skin cancer, putting them more at risk of more serious complications as the years go by. Getting checked in a hospital or a clinic specializing in skin conditions is an effective way of catching skin cancer at its early stages. These types of cancer are easily treated or surgically removed with very little risk to the patient. Surgery is relatively easy since skin cancer appears on the surface of the skin. Surgery times are fast and require minimal preparation. You may need a few days to recover; otherwise, you can go about your business as usual.

Wear Protective Clothing and Use Sunscreen

Wear Protective Clothing & Use Sunscreen-min

Elevation plays a significant factor in UV exposure. Up in Park City, residents are exposed to almost 50 percent higher concentrations of UV radiation. However, even in Salt Lake City, residents are still exposed to 16 to 28 percent more UV. A simple hat or a cap will provide significant protection from the sun, but the cover they provide is limited. Sunscreen is vitally important if you want to avoid UV exposure throughout the day. It provides up to 99 percent protection from UV radiation, and you can apply sunscreen on all your exposed skin for maximum coverage. Sunscreen protection typically lasts for two hours, but sweat and moisture can reduce its efficacy. Make sure to reapply sunscreen as long as you remain outside. 

Filter Out UV

Most melanomas and skin cancer develop on the left side of the body. This can be attributed to sun exposure while driving. Unlike your car’s windshield, your car’s windows do not have built-in UV protection. Since applying sunscreen every time you go out driving can be quite bothersome, a better solution is to treat your car windows with UV-filtering film. UV film can filter up to 99 percent of harmful UV radiation and won’t necessarily change your car’s appearance. Modern UV films can be as dark or as clear as you want. You should also consider treating the windows in your house with UV-filtering film, especially if you have large windows. You naturally feel safer in your own house, and you might disregard the sun exposure you get while within your own home.

The sun is not your enemy, but chronic exposure without the necessary protection will heighten your risk of developing melanomas and skin cancer. Wear a hat, apply sunscreen, protect your car and home with UV-filtering film, and make sure to get yourself checked regularly.


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