Elegant Summer Farm Wedding

How to Set Up an Elegant Summer Farm Wedding

A wedding is a wonderful event to host on a working farm in a converted barn. Imagine your big day amidst such lovely rustic elements! You also have the option of enhancing the rural environment with tasteful craft or everyday items. However, make sure that you don’t overdo it. Often, less is more.

The challenge for barn weddings is the tasteful fusion of sophistication with rustic decor. Fortunately, some of our wedding planning experts have plenty of advice to provide.

Consider some of their ideas below to turn your barn wedding into an elegant affair.

1. Make use of ordinary items

A wedding is not complete without flowers. Since the event is located where fresh foliage and flowers abound, it makes sense to incorporate them. You could also use the flower’s seed packets as beautiful escort cards.

Integrate some modern touches into your classical design by adding custom signage. You can enhance these signs with a bit of greenery and lush blooms to make the barn nuptial signs look contemporary and trendy.

2. Have the ceremony or reception outside

A barn is a suitable place for your wedding ceremony. As evening falls, its interior looks good as a dimly lit dance floor. However, have you considered setting up the reception on the farm’s open space? With guests dining and dancing outside, you can enhance their experience. In contrast to a hotel wedding, you have much more freedom in terms of space and time. And, because the venue often has no nearby neighbours, you can turn up the volume and enjoy the occasion until dawn!

3. Make use of local flora as decoration

As well as using flowers from local sources, there are other items you can use as centrepieces. Since you’re on a farm, consider adding organic elements, such as figs or plums. You can also display vegetables and other fruits available during the season, such as artichokes or even pomegranates, on the tables.

If you’re not sure which flowers are in season, consider doing some research or make some enquiries. This will ensure that you obtain enough flowers for your happy event. Also, you can ask your florists how they can arrange the floral decorations to maximise their freshness.

4. Serve local produce

Farms are food producers, so it makes perfect sense to build a menu around what’s available during peak season. However, you also need to consider your guests’ food preferences, for example, ensure that they have no food allergies.

5. Consider presenting a minimalist menu

When offering your sumptuous food choices, consider serving them using classic farm utensils, such as vintage glassware or bare wood. Also, enhance the cuisine with suitable garden flora. A minimalist menu can create that homey feeling of a barn wedding but with a modern touch.

6. Decorate the barn according to your taste

A barn is a blank canvas that you can design to your heart’s delight. Also, the place is often bare so you can fill it up with your choice of drapery and other fabrics. These should create a rustic, yet elegant ambiance.

The correct lighting can also transform a rustic venue into a beautiful reception venue. Consider using items such as chandeliers and fairy lights to make the evening look like a scene from a fairy tale. Adding greenery to the lighting can also enhance the romantic atmosphere even further.

You can also design both the ceremony and reception venue with seasonal produce in mind. For example, if you’re planning an autumn event, consider mixing items, such as figs or plums. You can then add classic neutrals to create a timeless wedding scene.

Since you’re in a rustic setting, consider adding traditional barn elements, such as wooden boxes, farm produce and assorted greenery. Such an elegant set-up reflects a whimsical and authentic farm wedding.

If you’re planning an autumn wedding, consider adorning the venue with seasonal favourites, such as apples, lush greenery and other rustic decoration.

7. Make your grand entrance

Making a grand entrance is another opportunity to showcase your preferred wedding style. As you walk down the aisle, ensure that it’s adorned with high-level floral displays and stunning drapery. This will make your entrance genuinely memorable.

8. Plan your cocktails

Cocktails are traditional fare at events such as weddings. However, you can also offer alternative non-alcoholic drinks. One such drink is called a mocktail. It appears to be deceptively like an alcoholic cocktail, but it’s not. One very straightforward recipe involves infusing basic cocktail syrup with fresh thyme or rosemary. You can then add some sprigs of thyme or rosemary as garnish.

Weddings, especially during the summer, can make everyone thirsty. So ensure that you have enough refreshments readily available. However, you should balance servings of alcoholic and soft drinks. For the latter, consider serving them using Kilner jars. They are pleasing to the eye and readily available to buy. Infuse the jars with fruits and fill up with lemonade or orange juice. You can also fill them with your favourite drink.

In addition to the drinks, the party venue is also an integral part of your wedding. To make the event unforgettable, consider an outdoor setting during the ‘golden hour’. This is the time when the sun starts to set. Such timing will provide an air of sophistication.


Experts have found a way to create elegant, sophisticated barn weddings. By using everyday items, you can make the event something that people will remember with fondness and nostalgia. Because all these preparations can become very hectic, ask for help from your wedding coordinator. Most farm wedding venues also have a contact person to address your wedding needs.


Harriet Thame is the marketing head at Crockwell Farm; a perfect venue for getting married in a farm. She also organises taster evenings, where couples can begin their wedding planning process after being shown around Crockwell’s best features.