Areas to Treat with Coolsculpting

Top 5 Areas to Treat with Coolsculpting

One of the biggest advantages of Coolsculpting is that it is a very versatile treatment. It can be used on a variety of areas all across the body and is a great way to melt away the fat in the most inconvenient places. This is one of the reasons why this fat reduction procedure has become so popular and is currently one of the most sought-after procedures in cosmetic centers all across the country.

And when it comes to all things Coolsculpting treatment is not far behind. It is home to some of the most experienced practitioners in the industry. You can find all sorts of cosmetic centers in NYC, including Manhattan’s MiracleFace MedSpa, who were very helpful in providing us the information we needed to understand how Coolsculpting can be used and in what areas of the body.

So if you’ve ever been interested in what Coolsculpting can do and what it can treat, then you have a few answers that should clarify your curiosity about this treatment.


This is a very popular area to treat. Extra fat lining the stomach is very commonplace for fat to accumulate and ironically enough is also the last bit of fat you will burn through exercise and dieting. This does not necessarily mean there’s anything wrong with having extra fat around the stomach; plenty of people have fat there and are perfectly happy with their bodies. This is great since you should not let a little bit of fat ruin your self-image.

However, it is also just as natural to feel self-conscious about stomach fat and plenty of people do. We all have an idea of what our “perfect” body looks like and for many people, stomach fat is not a part of that image. So, this makes the stomach a popular area to treat with fat reduction.

While stomach fat is not always uncomfortable, it can become a real nuisance when there is too much of it. It keeps you from wearing your favorite tops and can even get in the way of those gorgeous pairs of pants. So getting even a little bit of it trimmed away could help you wear your favorite clothes and regain confidence in your body.


While looser tops can fit even if you have a bit of extra fat around the stomach area, when the thighs are too fatty, wearing pants, skirts, and shorts becomes a real hassle. Having to constantly buy new pairs because the old ones do not fit anymore is going to take a lot of time and resources out of your hands.

Not only that but having extra fat on the inner side of the thighs will also cause skin irritation. As the two sides rub against each other, a rash can form on the surface of the skin and not only will it make it hard to wear your favorite shorts or skirts, but also make it difficult to walk.

Coolsculpting can treat the thighs, making them less fatty and giving you more freedom of movement. After the treatment is finished, you will be able to walk around all you want and have no problems with skin irritation or rashes.


Since we rarely get to see our own backs it’s hard to imagine how fat can accumulate there. But it can and back fat has caused problems for many individuals out there. With an extra layer of fat on the back, shirts, blouses, and other tops get tighter.

It’s that sensation when you bring your shoulders closer together and feel like the back of your top is about to burst. This happens as a result of that extra bit of fat that’s making the shirt feel tighter than it actually is. With the back fat gone, you can wear your tops freely and won’t have to worry about them ripping from the slightest movements.


On the topic of wearing your favorite tops; there’s also the chest, which is prone to fat buildup. While typically not as severe as the stomach or waist, there can still be plenty of fat lining the chest area. The problem with the fat in this area is that it causes excess sweating during the summer, with the extra lining of fat.

In the hot summers, if you’re wearing a white shirt, as a result of the sweat your shirt is going to get visibly wet, which is not a pleasant sight. This partially comes as a result of the extra fat that causes the excess sweating. After Coolsculpting trims away a bit of the fat, you will find yourself sweating a lot less and your shirts will stay dry even on the hottest summer days unless you decide to jump in the water.

Double Chin

Who says that Coolsculpting only treats fat that is below the neck? Nothing is keeping you from getting rid of that extra bit of fat under the chin. When it comes to those pesky double chins, a lot of people have them as fat always seems to find its way into that area. Even people with a generally lean build can have some extra fat under their chins and it can be very bothersome.

Other than showing up in every photo and selfie you take, double chins can also cause sweating in the area around the neck, which is also another nuisance during the summer. Additionally, the extra fat makes it harder to move the head around in all directions as a result of it restricting the free movement. Coolsculpting can get rid of this fat, restoring your smooth jawline and profile. And as with any other area of the body, Coolsculpting can do this without causing any excess damage to the body as it is completely non-invasive and will not harm a single skin cell.


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