Wedding Draping Course

Why Taking A Wedding Draping Course Is Necessary For Organizers

Oh, weddings. They are indeed such a magical, fascinating, and one-of-a-kind experience for all the ladies out there. It’s also one of those life events people are more than willing to spend for in order to make them all the more memorable. And when we say “spend” we’re not just simply referring to the monetary aspect, but the time and effort couples and their families invest in the preparation of the most awaited event as well. As a wedding organizer, it is one of your most important obligations to help the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Weddingbells make the most out of their wedding day. Taking a wedding draping course is a good start.

Why drapes, you ask? Well, without drapes any venue would seem bland and lifeless. These dangling strings of cloth may be underappreciated and overlooked during events but they’re actually pretty important players in the world of events planning and organization. They can make a place go from mediocre to extravagant in an instant. That is when done by knowledgeable hands.

This brings us to the point we are trying to make in this article – get your fine, talented self-enrolled to a wedding draping course. Why? First, because you need it and your clients will appreciate it. And second, because there’re just so many great schools offering wedding draping courses in South Africa (like this one here:, so why not?

In order to further encourage you with the idea, we have prepared a few creative and practical reasons why you should start investing in a wedding draping course. And here they are:

Top 3 Advantages of Getting Yourself Enrolled In A Wedding Draping Course

Come Up With New & Innovative Ideas

When you take up a course in draping, you’ll learn what’s currently in and what’s not. You get to practice the latest draping trends as well as perfect your knowledge of classic draping techniques. Draping can change a venue’s atmosphere quite drastically – be it for better or worse. And, not all draping styles are meant to represent all kinds of occasions.

The pattern and flow of the drapes you use for an event can create a certain feeling in the people attending. The right techniques can make a wedding mesmerizing and magical like something fresh out of a fairy tale book. In the same way, wrong techniques can make attendees feel stuffed and uncomfortable. Having no drapes at all can make the event too simple and bland – terribly unfit for happy occasions such as a wedding.

If you seriously take up a draping course, your keen familiarity with draping techniques will eventually lead to unique and innovative draping designs that only you know how to create. By mastering the basics, your creative mind can begin to think out of the box and come up with crazy ideas that work all too well.

Reduce Manpower

Being an event organizer, you probably have your own production team with you. A diverse group of talents, each with individualized tasks, that contributes to the success of the event as a whole. Having a team like that is great, but it can also be quite expensive to maintain.

Of course, you are no island – nor are you a one-man army. You still need people. But by taking up a wedding draping course, you can at least cut back on manpower even if it’s just a little bit. Having someone else plan the draping designs, as well as draw out the entire process of installation, may be an added cost on your part as the wedding organizer. And I know that you know how important it is to reduce costs whenever and wherever possible. If you start doing the planning and the execution (at least for small events) yourself, then you get to have more to spend to make the day extra special for the couple.

Cut Costs

So you’ve already reduced costs on manpower, eh? Another thing that you can cut costs on is draping material – which you can efficiently do when you’ve taken and completed a wedding draping course.

Draping requires technique, you see. And I’m not just talking about some YouTube learned technique – although watching how-to videos like this one should help too.

By thoroughly learning draping techniques and what types of materials go well for certain draping designs; you also learn how to maximize the budget you have for draping. Because you’re already familiar with which material types work best for different draping styles, you also know how to find cheaper alternatives for them. So not only will you be cutting costs on labor, you get to save on material as well. And clients appreciate organizers who are cost-effective – definitely.


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