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10 Fun Things to do in Craigieburn, Victoria in 2019

Victoria is home to the artistic city of Melbourne. With excessive numbers of hipsters, galleries and vegan cafes, it may not be the place for everyone. For those who still wish to see the beauty of Victoria and Melbourne while distancing themselves from the pulsating city centre, there are a number of surrounding suburbs which deliver on price, practicality, and allure. In this article, I’ll take you through the top ten things that you can do in Craigieburn, a town that is a 45-minute drive from Melbourne’s CBD. You don’t have to travel far to find the home of your dreams in an area with views to match. You can find or own a house in Craigieburn through Lendlease Communities Australia.

Things to do in Craigieburn, Victoria

1. Coburg Lake Reserve

Coburg Lake Reserve

Take the family out for a picnic in the beautiful Coburg Lake Reserve. This park offers picnic and BBQ facilities and has a paved walkway shaded by the trees, perfect for an evening stroll. 

2. Golden Sun Moth Playground

Golden Sun Moth Playground

Not only will kids love this playground but parents will too! With BBQ and picnic facilities, families can have lunch together in the beautiful surrounds of the park. With information for all ages about the Sun Moth, kids can learn as they play in the great outdoors.

3. Preston Market

Preston Market

Experience the hustle and bustle of Victoria in the Preston Markets! With a range of food stalls stocked with local produce, you can taste the best in the region, all in one spot.

4. Bundoora Park

Bundoora Park Victoria

Get hands-on with farm animals, golf or more at Bundoora Park. With cafes or picnic facilities available, the park also offers incredible views and walking tracks to showcase the native animals and plants in the area.

5. Woodlands Historic Park

Woodlands Historic Park Victoria

For those who are more adventurous, the Woodlands Historic Park is a great way to experience the outdoors in Craigieburn, Victoria. With winding bike and walking paths, Indigenous landmarks, and rare animal sightings, this park is perfect for those who are always ready for an adventure.

6. DFO – Direct Factory Outlet

Direct Factory Outlet Victoria

For those who may not have been to a DFO store before, now is your chance! With everyday bargains across some of Australia’s most well-known brands, you’ll be sure to come home with more bags than you can carry. If you still can’t find the deal of your dreams, Lendlease’s planned community Aurora is home to two town centres with retail outlets for any need or desire. Even you can Buy a House and Land Packages through Lendlease to visit your local community.

7. Overnewton Castle

Overnewton Castle

Indulge in delicate finger foods and delicious desserts in the surroundings of nature in the Overnewton Castle. Boasting stunning views, a perfect location and light snacks, you will enjoy every second of your day overlooking the town. 

8. The Pillars

The Pillars Victoria

While a little harder to get to, The Pillars are yet another beautiful landmark that can be found within Craigieburn. With deep and clear blue water and a sandy shore and base, The Pillars are not often visited, making it the perfect spot for exploration.

9. Edward’s Lake Park

Edward’s Lake Park Victoria

Walk along the water at Edward’s Lake Park. With wide tracks that are easily navigated, lose yourself to the beauty of your surrounds and environment. Similarly to other parks in Craigieburn, the Edward’s Lake Park also offers BBQ and picnic facilities, making it a great spot for a day out.

10. Jack Roper Reserve Adventure Playground

Jack Roper Reserve Adventure Playground Victoria

This Playground has it all! With a well built and intricate play area, this park also features incredible views over the lake and surrounding bush. Catch sight of the swans in the gardens and appreciate the convenience of the amenities at the Jack Roper Reserve.

If you’re looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city but still want to be within reach of the CBD, the town of Craigieburn is the place for you. Surrounded by exciting adventures, sights, and people, you can experience a close-knit community with endless opportunities within your very own neighborhood. Live the life you’ve always dreamed and unlocked your future in the planned community of Aurora from Lendlease Communities today.


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