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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose to Have a Wedding in the Garden

For all the brides and grooms deciding on a wedding venue is a big decision. Church weddings or any indoor weddings are endearing but we just cannot help feel a soft spot for garden weddings. Not only do they give a more contemporary look they are also becoming the norm. They have taken the world by storm due to their many benefits. There is a large number of garden wedding venues to choose from, a plethora of creative options are available to garden weddings open up new vistas for you to explore. They allow you to make your big day even more special and beautiful. Well, in case if your wedding is near, we have taken the liberty to put together ten reasons to choose a garden wedding so that you take your “I do’s” in a garden!

1. Gardens are naturally beautiful

Gardens are bestowed with Mother Nature’s most beautiful species. The leafy greens and colorful flowers add that touch of beauty to your venue that no décor can. You won’t have to worry much about another wedding décor as the venue itself will have done the decoration for you. Your surroundings will be so pretty in itself that the rest of the setting will fade before your eyes. All you have to do is add some chairs and lighting with a simple altar, and you will be good to go! You will have the most scenic wedding of the century. It’s a dream setup for those who love flora and fauna! And if all that greenery is not enough then a tree in place of an altar might just seal the deal.

2. Both the reception and ceremony can be catered here

Gardens can act as a one-stop-shop because they can be set up to have both the altar and reception settings. You no longer need a long break or separate venues for both. The wedding guests would also be repurposed as they won’t have to move from one place to another. Nobody is going to get lost or confused about the two different venues. You can immediately start the reception after the ceremony and save both time and money!

3. Free of Cost Natural Lightening

If you are going for a day wedding, then the beautiful sun rays can lit up our venue free of cost. The natural lighting will not only brighten up your wedding but will also result in excellent wedding photography. There will be abundant diffused natural light which will make your photographer very happy. It will make a big difference because your photos outshine on your big day! You will thank us later when going through your wedding album.

4. Basking in the Great Weather

All outdoor events have the added advantage of the weather. There will be no need for AC or other electrical appliances as nature will take care of that. Be its cool breeze, sun rays, or light winds, the weather can take your wedding to a whole new level. It will make the experience a more memorable one for both you and your guest. All your attendees will love what the weather has planned for them.

5. Adding a Unique Touch to the Festivities

Everyone wants their wedding to stand out. By choosing a garden as your venue you are providing them something that will be etched in their memories forever. Without any effort, your wedding will give whimsical vibes that will make the celebration unique. Your garden wedding will become so memorable that people will reminisce about it with a smile.

6. Plenty of Open Space

In a hall or church, space is restricted so you cannot play around with your seating arrangement. If you want a grand wedding then big ballrooms can be pretty expensive. So it’s better to go for garden weddings as it can provide you with lots of open space. Not only can you seat your guests comfortably but can also entertain them. The ample space can be utilized creatively by turning it into an amazing dance floor, memorable photo booth, or by setting up cozy lounges for posh seating.

7. Making the most out of photography

Garden weddings are conducive to wedding photography. As we discussed above the lightning makes the photos exceptional as the diffused lighting leads to a more natural and soft look. It allows the photographer to capture all the wonderful moments with the utmost perfection. But apart from that conducting a wedding in a garden also offers you countless amazing backgrounds. You can get both perfect couple shots and individual portraits to show your future kids! Be it day or night, you can click remarkable photos with amazing backdrops to transform your memories into something spellbindingly beautiful! Your photos will be filled with color even when the dresses will be white. With the brightly colored flowers and lush greenery, the photos can’t get any prettier.

8. It Provides an Intimate Space

If you and your fiancé dream for an intimate wedding then there can be no better choice than a garden. Not only will a garden setting allow for a more natural aesthetic look but will also give a more relaxed feel. The natural outlook will bring more warmth and comfort. Everyone can be a little more low-key and the appearances can be unfussy as well. Instead of a traditional look, there can be flowy hair, natural makeup, and no formal dress code. This will bring your wedding closer to home instead of a rigid ceremony.

9. Gardens are Child-Friendly

If you have a lot of children in your family and are afraid that they might create chaos indoors then the garden is the best place for you. There will be no risk of them crying loudly or throwing tantrums as the garden will provide them a fun place to run around. Your guests as well as their kids will have their own space and will not disturb each other. Lastly, there will be less room for trouble because open spaces will allow them to run without crashing into something!

10. Less Costly

Garden weddings can also lead to cost savings. So, if you have a limited budget but want a grand wedding then it is the best option for you. The venues itself don’t cost a lot to rent as they are usually part of parks or historic properties. They cost considerably less than the halls and you only have to pay extra for tables and chairs. And there will be no cost of electricity and décor as well.


We hope that all the reasons we have provided above make you lean towards a garden wedding. We want you to start your new life in a beautifully secluded garden with both a peaceful atmosphere and picturesque beauty!


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