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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Catering Services

Do you want to invite a girl on a date and arrange a romantic candlelight dinner? Do not look for a suitable cafe or a prestigious restaurant! On the street is beautiful autumn weather, conducive to a romantic dinner. Have you had dinner for a long time on the seashore, in a public park on the grass, among yellowed leaves, or somewhere high, from where a magnificent view of the whole city opens, for example, on the roof of the house?

Even if it is not something this private and you want to celebrate any one of your important life events and you need to order a catering service then read further.

Catering or Outreach Buffet

This is one of the many types of highly specialized services of public catering enterprises that are tied primarily to the venue of the event or the location of the client, and not to the stationary place where they prepare food.

1. The origin of catering service

It is customary to associate catering events with sophisticated restaurant services, beautifully decorated tents, and waiters in beautiful tuxedos. However, you will be surprised to learn that this useful service was born in the most ordinary environment among hard workers. At the time when the first unusual buildings of that time, the skyscrapers were massively erected in the center of New York, the contractors could not even imagine what they would encounter.

At the construction site, workers could go to lunch in a nearby dining room with home cooking. However, when building skyscrapers, this will not work out – time to go down from the skyscraper (there are still no elevators), and then go up. It takes so much that there will not be enough allotted lunch hour. Moreover, the contractors suddenly realized that it was faster and much cheaper for someone to deliver food to the construction site. Therefore, the hard workers began to order exit food from the canteens, which were located nearby.

2. 50% of customers are foreigners

It is not so easy to host an event, serious talent exhibition, an expensive and useful seminar or an important international conference without a small buffet. A variety of snacks, soft and strong drinks, the services of polite waiters – all this is budgetary, and at the same time, it allows you to create an easy and relaxed business atmosphere.

Catering has spread relatively recently. However, at the same time, the growth rate is very substantial – before the mass holidays, it is quite difficult to find catering.

3. The first thing is testing

In the restaurant, the waiter brings a menu, and it is necessary to determine the order on it. Professional cater will always conduct a little testing in the process of discussing the upcoming order. In other words, all those dishes that will be there on your menu will be offered for trial.

At the receptions, there are delicious dishes to which we are accustomed, as well as a variety of dishes presented on skewers. Moreover, sandwiches are considered good addition. The main kitchen can vary – all portions can be beautifully designed so that you can consume food while standing.

4. Varieties of catering

Catering services are related to the organization of the process of feeding people outside specifically with an equipped kitchen.

Reception – food and drinks are displayed in strict accordance with etiquette on beautifully decorated tables, but guests of the event take food while standing.

Banquet – food and drinks are arranged on tables, which can be of dozens of variations. Guests of the event eat food while sitting. Waiters can serve both individually and in groups, usually at the tables. Tables can be located anywhere – even in a field, on the coast of the sea or in a dense forest. The issue of delivering furniture, tents and all necessary products to the location is a task that caterers solve.

Cocktail – there are no tables at the event, and waiters deliver drinks and distribute everything to guests from trays. Everything is exactly as we see in the movies.

Wedding – similar to a banquet. The difference is in décor and table setting. Everything is possible! The main thing is to describe the task to the caterer.

Buffet – similar to a buffet table, guests can take drinks and desired snacks from a common table, but at the same time, they eat sitting at a separate table.

Coffee break – The event is held during conferences. In fact, this is a miniature buffet table, as there are much fewer snacks.

Picnic – closely echoes the banquet organized in nature. Guests sit on beautiful rugs and bedspreads and enjoy food and drinks.

6. Celebrities are used to order catering

Most often, the concert organizer receives from the producer of the star an approximate menu and a number of requirements on how to serve certain dishes. The task of the catering company is to satisfy the star and all his whims. Each of you can act like a star and order service.

7. Catering wedding is cheaper than a wedding in a restaurant

Are you surprised? Don’t be! The fact is that when ordering the whole restaurant for the celebration, in addition to food, you pay for the rental of real estate, as well as the name of the restaurant.

Caterers do not rent a room – they don’t need to keep employees. Most often, they form a team of professionals for a particular event.

8. Renting tents, dishes

Do you want to save as much as possible by moving the banquet from the restaurant to the countryside? Of course, this is possible! If you do not need the services of a waiter, a cook, then you can place an order only for the delivery of equipment. You can rent a tent of the required capacity, the required number of identical plates and the required number of appliances. In this case, you cook the food yourself.

9. Seasonality of caters

Most of the orders fall on New Year’s celebrations. In winter, New Year’s corporate parties are constantly arranged, and tables are usually laid directly in offices.

The beginning of summer is famous for the graduation season. However, you know that young people today are very advanced, and they are bored with hanging out in a restaurant. They prefer to walk in nature – it’s tasty and very comfortable.

10. Interesting History

In 1765, a waiter named Boulanger opened a food house in Paris and hung the following sign on the door:

Come to my house, tired stomach, and I will restore you.

The phrase was so successful that, since then, all food houses are called “restaurants.” In addition, due to the fame of his confectionery, Boulanger is also the “culprit” behind the bakeries called “boulangeries“.


Now that you have learned some interesting facts about catering. Order the catering in Sydney for one of your special occasions today if you are somewhere in Australia. we hope that you might be able to choose ideal catering services according to your event and needs. Good Luck!


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