Wedding Cake at Home

10 Tips: How To Bake Your Own Wedding Cake At Home?

Wedding Cake at HomeYour wedding has been fixed, and you need a cake to grace the occasion. Instead of ordering the cake from a store, making the wedding cake at home is not all that difficult. If you are interested in a simple rustic cake, a wedding cake is much more economical, as well as, better tasting when made at home.

Here are a few tips to make your wedding cake at home:

1. Choose A Flavour That You Love

Don’t get stuck to the traditional white cake. Experiment with flavour and colour. Fruitcake is the traditional choice, and has the advantage of being made in advance, but chocolate, lemon and vanilla are becoming popular. Plan a different flavour for each tier of your cake so it appeals to everyone.

2. Deciding On Shape & Tiers

You have to choose between square or round shape. A round cake is much easier to do icing on. You may have to buy or borrow the appropriate cake tins. A three-tier wedding cake is traditional and can feed 100 guests. If you want to cater to a big wedding, you can bake an additional tier and leave it in the kitchen to be served to your guests later.

3. Recipe

Find a recipe that is in your comfort zone. Do not experiment with new recipes. Get plenty of practice for baking your favourite recipe. It is good to serve cake, which you usually bake at home.

4. Divide Your Work

Spread out your work into batches. Making cakes for 150 guests appears to be daunting, but you can make the task simpler by dividing the work into batches. You only need to make 15 batches of a normal cake recipe. Alternatively, do two each for every day in a week or use bigger cake pans.

5. Try Freezing

Some cakes taste better with aging. Wrap your cakes in plastic and foil and freeze till the wedding day. On the big day, defrost at room temperature. Be sure to try and defrost one cake in advance before the D-day so that you know how much time is required for the cake to defrost.

6. Use Whipped Cream

Even if you ditch frosting, you can get the stacked look by stacking with stiff whipped cream in between the layers. Make the whipped cream the night before and stabilize it with gelatine.

7. Be Generous With Decorations

You can add decorative touches to the cake. Take the help of professional or search online for ideas.

8. Simplify The Presentation

Unless you are stacking the cake with whipped cream, forget pillars and expensive building materials. Instead, use a couple of pretty cake plates and stands and serve different layers separately.

9. Decorating The Cake

You have many options to decorate a cake. The simplest way is to wrap a ribbon around the bottom. You can also decorate the cake with fresh flowers or crystallized rose petals.

10. Order Cake Online

If you still find baking your own wedding cake at home daunting, you can opt for cake delivery online. This will save you a messy and tiring task of baking at home.


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