Black Suit for Women

7 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

Have you ever stood in front of your closet and didn’t know what you should wear? This is a common problem that plenty of women are faced with on a daily basis.

This problem can impact your life in a negative way if you realize that you don’t have the right attire to attend a wedding or an important function. However, if you have essentials in your wardrobe you will always have something you can put on to dress for any type of occasion.

1. Black Suit

Black Suit for WomenEvery woman, especially those in the corporate world needs to have a nicely tailored black suit. However, don’t assume that the only appropriate place to wear a black suit is at your workplace.

You can wear your nice fitted skirt and jacket for any occasion where you want to look more polished and proper. Some women tend to avoid adding black suits to their wardrobe because they can cost a pretty penny. Even so, it is a great investment to make because you can also wear the jacket and skirt separately.

2. French Cuff Dress Skirt

If you want to add some elegance to your wardrobe then you should consider getting a nice french cuff dress shirt. This shirt is versatile and will complement any pair of pants you wear with it. The stylish cuffs they have will accentuate the rest of your attire perfectly.

3. Silver or Gold Sandals

Silver and Gold are considered neatural colors at nighttime. Find some cute silver or gold sandals to wear with all the different colors you already have in your wardrobe. Make sure the heels aren’t more than 5 inches for you to be comfortable in them all night.

4. Black Pants

Every woman should have a pair of black pants in her closet. A nice pair of black pants that fits your figure will enhance any trend you plan to wear with them. The main reason why it’s important to have black pants in your wardrobe is because you can wear them with pretty much any clothes you’ve got.

5. Black Heels

Black heels are considered go to shoes as they can be worn with any type of clothing at any time of the day. Most women believe black heels are reserved only for occasions where they need to dress up. However, these shoes can be worn on more casual occasions as well. Look for a pair of plain black pumps and a pair that has subtle patterns on it.

6. A Dressy Jacket

Dressy jackets give you the ability to convert any boring piece of clothing you’ve got into something exciting. This jacket has a much more casual feel to it compared to the suit jacket. You can throw it on and wear it with just about anything from jeans to skirts.

7. Black Dress

The black dress is normally reserved for evening festivities. The versatility of the black dress is enough on its own to make it a necessity to have in your wardrobe.

Some of these styles black dresses possess include a fitted waist, V neckline, and a floaty skirt. If you have some nice jewelry you can accessorize your dress perfectly.


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