Mohawk Hairstyle

Want A New Look? 5 New Hairstyles That Could Catch On

One of the best ways to transform your overall look is with a trendy new hairstyle that complements your facial features and personal style. Whether going shorter or getting highlights, there are several looks that can easily catch on for those wanting a transformed appearance.

1. Pixie Cut

Kimberly Wyatt Pixie CutThe pixie cut is an edgy and youthful look that is a trendy and fashionable look that is delicate and vintage. It’s easy to maintain and style for a classic hairstyle that makes it easy to feel beautiful and keep hair out of the face. Plenty of layers will add a bit of texture and volume to prevent hair from falling flat.

2. Mohawk

Mohawk HairstyleMohawks are fun and masculine for anyone who enjoys having longer hair styled on the top of their head with shaved sides, easily done by any barber in NYC. Mohawks can even be styled on hair that is all the same length by smoothing down the sides with hair gel and spiking the top. Shorter mohawks are the most modern for a subtle hairstyle that doesn’t overpower a man’s overall look.

3. Heavy Bangs

Heavy Bangs hairstyleHeavy bangs are chic and feminine on women for a hairstyle that was popular in the ’60s and ’70s. They shape the face and create a more youthful appearance by adding a touch of innocence to the hair. The part should start at the top of the head for bangs that are long and plenty thick.

4. Side-Swept Tresses

Side-Swept TressesSide-swept hair is both elegant and classic for a hairstyle that enhances the hair’s volume and makes it easy to manage. Hair should be parted to the side, along with a bit of product used to control the tresses and keep them in place. Corn rows can also be braided onto one side to keep the hairstyle secure.

5. Bright Colored Locks

Bright Colored LocksColored hair is popular among teens and can even be seen on some adults. It offers a fun hairstyle that allows certain strands of the hair to be dyed bright colors, between pink, blue, and purple for a girly look that is edgy and daring.

Clip-in colored hair extensions can also be used for those who want a temporary look without dying their hair.

It can be easy to start a new hair trend with a bit of confidence and the right barber by sporting a hairstyle that complements the face shape and has been seen in past years.


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