Tips for Hair Removal

Tips for Choosing the Best Hair Removal System for Home Use

Unwanted hairs on our bodies were always a matter of concern for ages. Most people struggle through this to have flawless skin without irritation. But now, you do not have to worry about unwanted hair coming back after a fortnight. Thanks to the hair removal devices that permanently remove the hairs by laser and IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal techniques.

Here, in the article, we will shed light on hair removing devices and techniques. There was a time when this technology was available only by professionals of skincare and spas, but now it is easy to get them for domestic or personal use at home.

Best Hair Removal System

With a wide variety of IPL gadgets available for you in the market, it makes it difficult for you to choose the correct hair removal system that best suits you. Also, you wonder what criteria to consider before buying a hair removal device.

Almost all epilators are similar, with a few small disparities. To help you choose the best, we will provide the criteria to consider before picking up an epilator.

Main Criteria to Consider Selecting the Best Hair Removal Device for At-Home Use

You need to consider numerous features before acquiring a hair removal device. Here are some essential ones to remember:

1. Compatibility of Hair and Skin with the Epilator

The sensors in the epilator flash at anything black on the skin, targeting the dark pigmentation. You can say that IPL works more efficiently on dark hairs, like black, dark brown, brown, and dark blond hairs. A few selected IPL devices also work on red hair. Epilators are not effective on white hairs, grey hairs, and light blond hairs.

Regarding compatibility to skin tone, IPL devices give better results on white or a little darker skins. Most IPL devices work on skins having phototype I to IV. Some selected pieces can treat phototype V skins. The risk of skin burns keeps type VI skin people away from epilators.

2. Window Size

You must know the size of the application window that comes in contact with your skin while treating your skin. A wide window will cover a larger area. Your choice depends upon the body part you want to treat.

If your need is to treat your face, armpits, and bikini area, it is better to buy an IPL device with a window size of 2-3 cm². However, to treat large body parts like legs, torso, and back, you must choose a device having a wider window of 4-7 cm².

3. Operational Power

A machine that uses more power is more effective to use. This rule also applies to hair removal devices. An epilator device using higher power gives better results. The device with lesser power will take a longer time.

There are several other factors than the power behind the efficient working of a hair removal device. For best results, ensure to choose a device having 2000 Watts or even more.

4. Energy in Every Flash

The energy that epilators use for every flash is calculated in Joules. It can vary between 3-9 joules per square centimeter. To choose the correct energy, you must categorize your skin type.

For sensitive and thin skins, you must use a device that works on lower power. We recommend using a device with power between 3-6 joules per square centimeter. Get a device of higher potential if your skin is hard.

5. Life of the Device

The life of a device depends upon its usage. Generally, the pulse light numbers or the number of flashes determine the life of an IPL device. The number ranges from 50,000-400,000 flashes. A device of higher cost has more flashes.

Choosing a hair removal device is solely your decision as it depends upon your budget. It is advisable to buy a device with a maximum number of flashes to serve you longer.

6. Working Duration

A quality device must not have restrictions. You have to switch off some devices to let them cool down after using them for 4-6 hours. Go for a device that can be used for unlimited working hours.

7. The Price

Price is a crucial criterion you should consider. Along with identifying a quality product, you must also look at the price and check, whether it is worth a value. A basic model epilator will not match the quality of a higher-end. However, a best-quality epilator does not necessarily need to be expensive.

A bit of extra effort can fetch a good deal.

Is IPL Hair Removal System Safe to Use At-Home?

Most home appliances are designed to work using lower intensity energy. That is the reason for them being safe while using at home. Due to low energy consumption, they are more time-consuming. All the hair removal devices clear a test before the packing and delivery to market for sale. The hair removal system is safe for use at home, provided you follow the dos and don’ts and instructions by the manufacturer.

Does Hair Removal System Have Any Side Effects?

There are no substantial side effects of the hair removal system. However, after treatment, you may experience some tenderness on your skin. You may experience a little bit of swelling around the treated area.

Maybe you will notice some changes in your skin color. The skin can get lighter or darker for a short period. Your skin comes to its original form within two days. Avoid exposure to sun and pollution to stop further damage.

You Do Not Need Spa Anymore

Identify your hair color, skin, and area that need treatment before choosing an epilator. The hair removal system has proved its accuracy for 90% in providing a permanent solution to hair reduction.

With the above details, you can make a wiser choice in buying an IPL hair removal device as per your requirement. Choose the best for you to look great.


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