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10 Tips on How to Pose For Your Wedding Album

wedding-photo-pose-album-designDuring a wedding, there are lots of events and activities that are exciting and are worthy to be preserved in memory so that they can be remembered again and again. One of these activities is the photo sessions. During this session the bride and the groom usually try as much as possible to get the right poses that will go into their albums in form of perfect pictures. It is also common to hear people saying that they did not give their best during photo sessions because they hardly knew a variety of poses.

This is exactly what this article is addressing. Knowing how to strike the right poses will not only give you the variety in your photo sessions but will also give you confidence knowing that you are doing the right and memorable thing.

1. Enjoy the Photo Session and Make It Joyous

You do not have to force a smile when posing for a photo because it can look funny or artificial. Rather, you need to think about happy moments and funny things that have ever happened. This will make you have a natural joyous smile. The best of the photographs come when you stop thinking the about fact that you are being photographed and just focus your thoughts somewhere else. You also need to concentrate on each other and make the session joyful because that is the true spirit of a photo session.

2. Let Your Hands Relax

I have seen photos where one of the couple has clenched their fists and it looks funny that way. Do not curl your fingers and instead try holding the bouquet on one hand while the other one is resting on your hip. This will not only give you a perfect pose, but will also accentuate your waist. In the event you decide to sit down, you can clasp your hands gently and position them on your leg. For the case of grooms, you can just put one hand in the pocket.

3. Let Your Arms Give Space to Your Body

To avoid making your arms look bigger that they actually are, try not to hold them straight by the side. This is because your upper arms will appear pressed and will not look good on the photo.

4. Bend Your Arms Where Possible

Bent arms look excellent on camera. They appear more relaxed than when they are straight. To make this pose, you can hold your bouquet on one hand and then bend you elbow close to the camera so that the bouquet is at the waist level.

5. Be Cautious Of Your Posture

An excellent posture can help you improve the way you look in photos. It will give you an air of confidence and will also ensure that your dress is well aligned. Regardless of the position you are, try to make your spine straight and relax your shoulders to avoid looking rigid.

6. Take an Angle on the Camera

The way you look at the camera will determine how you appear in the photos. The classic pose is where you stand at a 45 degrees angle to the camera and shifting your weight to your back leg to enable your hips stick out. Then try to project the other leg in front of the camera in a ballet dance style. This will give you an awesome pose for the camera.

7. Get a Good Timing for Your Smile

Never hold a natural smile for long because it will appear stilted. Especially in group photos, try to smile at the last moment and relax between successive shots.

8. A Thorough Camera Front Practice

For you to be in a relaxed mode during the wedding day photo session, you need to have a great rapport with your photographer and a familiarity with the camera shots. You can have a portrait shoot before the D-day which will serve as a platform to know the photographer better and how to pose appropriately.

9. Be At Ease and Breathe

Never suck your tummy in but rater relax and breather normally. This will make it easy for you to give your natural expressions without looking tense.

10. Give Yourselves Ample Time

You cannot create memorable photographs within 5-10 minutes. For true masterpieces, you will have to try different styles, be patient and allow for a little more time to get the best refined shots. Do not pose in haste.

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