Synthetic Hair

The Right Wig for Black Women – Human Hair or Synthetic

There are tons of wigs available for Black Women in the market. If you were to consider the number of options available both offline and online you wouldn’t know where to start your hunt for the Wig that is most suitable for you. It quite easy to make the mistake of making an impulse purchase with the first available one or the first one you come across. This is especially true for first time buyers. Thus the purpose of this article is to help you find the best wig for yourself.

There are many pros and cons for choosing each one of the wigs like human hair or synthetic wig. To start with Synthetic wigs are less expensive than the human hair wigs. But there is more to choosing a wig than only the price factor which is something that will become apparent through the course of this article.

Human Hair Wigs:

Human Hair Wigs

  1. Human hair wigs are made from human hair and are primarily cut in India and China. Though there are generally four different types of human hair used in wigs like Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and European/Caucasian. European hair is famous for its fine denier and since it is in limited supply also happens to be the most expensive. Such wigs are durable though tend to require a slightly more maintenance than the other ones like the Synthetic wig.
  2. This hair wigs are just like real hair and can be curled using hot rollers, not to mention blow dryers. In fact they can even be styled and cut by your hair stylist in any way you like. Thus you have the option of having several different human hair wigs, each styled differently be your hair stylist. Thus all you need to do is to pick a wig style for the desired occasion and not spend hours and hours at the hair stylist each time you need to change your hair style. The human hair wig’s hair style can be modified quite easily as well, for example you could go from straight to curly and back again in a jiffy.
  3. Human hair wigs possess that natural movement besides having a styling versatility. This makes it possible to treat it like your real hair. It is incredibility soft and possess a shine too.
  4. Remy human hair is one of the highest quality human hair wigs available on the market. This kind of hair is silkier to touch and rarely tangles.
  5. Though Remy Human hair wigs are also one of the most expensive wigs around.
  6. Thus overall human hair wigs  are of superior quality. On the other hand they are also more expensive and require more maintenance as compared to Synthetic wigs.

Synthetic Hair:

Synthetic Hair

  1. Synthetic hair wigs have carried the tag of low quality and low priced wigs for a long time now. However there have been many technological advances in this field and thus synthetic hair has come a long way since in recent times. In fact some of the good Synthetic hair wigs are so good with their denier and texture that it is almost like human hair and difficult to tell the difference. In fact it is quite easy to mistake the high quality synthetic hair for human hair and nothing short of comparing both together, side by side can give it away.
  2. With Synthetic hair Wigs, you have the advantage being able to wear it out of the box. In addition to which they require little or no styling too. The synthetic hair is such that it retains its shape and style hence it quickly bounces back in to place if disturbed. It has the advantage of holding up even in bad weather as well.
  3. The one thing that cannot be done with Synthetic wigs is styling. These wigs are not very flexible and thus cannot be styled as you please. Most of the Synthetic hair wigs cannot be exposed to heat as well. Hence it is not possible to use a curler or a blow dryer as well any such hair styling device.
  4. Synthetic hair also require less maintenance. They can be washed but usually do not lose their style hence saving you valuable time. They are usually not as expensive as the human hair wigs.


Both Human hair wigs and Synthetic wigs have the pros and cons. It must be quite clear now that human hair tend to last longer and are more versatile on the other hand Synthetic hair wigs rarely lost their style and are more economical.


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