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Hottest Hostess: Cute Gift Ideas for Your Next Party

When going to a party, you definitely want to make the hostess know just how appreciated she is for hosting the affair. To show her your gratitude, you should choose the perfect gift that suits her, and the style of party just right. This kind of personalized gift can be just the thing to show your appreciation and thoughtfulness as a guest. Here are some cute gift ideas for your incredible hostess at the next gathering you attend.

Kitchen Gifts

Kitchen GiftsAs most parties are centered around food, it’s always nice to treat your hostess with a gift for her kitchen that matches the theme of the party. If you’re going to a tea party, consider a cute tea towel with a print that perfectly matches her personality, or if you’re going to a party where the hostess centers her dishes around fresh, organic cuisine, consider an earth-friendly cutting board, perfect for preparing seasonal fruits and vegetables. For a football party, gift your hostess with a pizza stone for keeping the pie warm as guests chat about the game, or if you’re attending a cocktail party, provide your hostess with lovely cocktail picks perfect for serving in guests drinks. Thinking about the type of party and food she will serve will be a great way to show her your thanks.

Decor Gifts

Decor GiftsTo thank the hostess for having the party in her home, it’s a great idea to offer her a lovely decor gift that matches both her personal style, and the theme of her party. If she’s having a nighttime gathering, you can gift her some softly scented candles that will add to the mood, or if you’re going to a fun springtime gathering, bring her a lovely mix of flowers that will definitely bring her some extra cheer. If she’s serving an array of fancy beverages she’s prepared, consider giving the hostess some unique coasters that perfectly match her style, as well as the party’s theme. Your gift will say a lot about you and should also say something about the hostess. Make sure you aren’t just picking out something that draws your eye.

Candy Gifts

Candy GiftsGiving a hostess candy gifts could really sweeten her night! It’s also an excellent idea to choose candy gifts that fit the theme of her party. For example, if she’s having an elegant dinner party, consider gifting her some rich, decadent chocolates that will surely fit the mood. For a sweetly themed lunch party, she might enjoy some gourmet lollipops that make a lovely afternoon treat. For a tropical themed party, consider gifting her some candied pineapple or coconut, which you can easily order online, as a reminder of the beach and boardwalk. The options are truly endless, as you consider the many delightful candies that might perfectly fit the party’s mood.

These days it seems like old fashioned etiquette is slowly diminishing, but to become the perfect guest at a party, start with gratitude. Showing your hostess how much you appreciate her hard work, and inviting you, is a great way to offer compliments in a way she won’t forget.  If you can’t afford a small gift then remember how a small compliment can go a long way. Ask her advice on decorating or for her recipe. Use these gift ideas to demonstrate your thanks for a great party and the hard work involved.


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