Prepare Your Skin and Your Smile

Remember the Magic: Best Secrets to Breathtaking Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is an occasion you never want to forget. So, of course, you’ll want the photos you take on this special day to be absolutely beautiful. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your wedding photos. After all, you’ll have these pictures forever, so you want to always be able to look at the photos fondly. Here are some great secrets to breathtaking wedding photos.

Choose the Right Lighting

Choose the Right LightingNo matter what time of day your wedding takes place, you’ll need ideal lighting for your pictures to look their best. If you’re taking pictures outside, you shouldn’t see a glare when you’re posing for pictures, as this will indicate that there will be extremely bright spots in the photos. For evening or nighttime wedding pictures, make sure that your photographer brings additional lighting and reflectors to the wedding site to create soft lighting that will make the picture appear more romantic.

Prepare Your Skin – and Your Smile

Prepare Your Skin and Your SmileTo have a healthy glow in your wedding photos, you may want to get a tan before taking your pictures. However, it’s best to make your tanning appointment at least a week before your nuptials, so that the color will have naturally set into your skin. Taking the pictures too soon after a tan could make your skin look too yellow or orange in your pictures.

It’s also a good idea for you and your future spouse to have your teeth whitened before your wedding photos to make your smile stand out. Again, have the procedure done at least a few days before taking photos so your smile isn’t too glaring.

Pose Naturally

Pose NaturallyMake sure that your poses naturally reflect who you are as a couple. Your photographer may ask you to do things that may be a little abstract, but it’s important that you only do what you’re comfortable with. You’ll be looking at these photos for years to come, so request that your photographer capture moments of you and your spouse touching each other’s hands, looking at each other longingly or embracing. This will increase the chances that your pictures will serve as a beautiful way to remember one of the most important days of your life.

Consider the Setting

Part of what makes wedding photos so beautiful is the setting. For instance, if you want to have your wedding on the East Coast, consider contacting the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce to have a wedding on the beach or at one of the antique homes and museums in the area. The outdoor or vintage background can make your dress stand out and make the poses you and your spouse choose even more appealing. Cape and island weddings naturally provide you with beautiful scenery, so simply standing hand-in-hand with your spouse or facing each other laughing can create the loving and blissful feeling you want to convey in your photos.

Before you settle on a photographer for your wedding, shop around and look for the portfolios of photographers you may be interested in. Check to see how long the professional has been in business, as this will help you determine how qualified the photographer is to render wedding photos that you’ll always be satisfied with.

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