Maintain Your Feet After A Pedicure

10 Tips To Maintain Your Feet After A Pedicure

Want your feet to be beautiful and healthy? Then you must do the right thing: not forgetting the regular pedicure. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find time for a weekly visit to the salon. Let’s talk about the rules for foot care after a pedicure, which will help maintain the effect for the whole month.

1. Make It Your Rule For Evening Express Care

Every day, before going to bed, wash your feet with warm water and a bar of soap. After washing, walk in the footsteps with a hard massage washcloth, and rub the heels with a piece of pumice. Creams with salicylic acid or scrubs for feet also help remove dead skin particles of the epidermis (use the latter no more often 2-3 times a week).

Dry your feet and heels after a shower. Do not forget to carefully dry the towel between your toes with a towel – this is important for the prevention of fungal diseases. Then rub the nourishing cream into your feet and put on cotton socks to absorb better. If you perform such a ritual daily, the skin on your feet will be tender, like a child’s.

2. Do Baths and Foot Masks

Water procedures relieve fatigue remarkably. After a hard day at least 15 minutes, sink your feet in a bowl of warm water, and you will feel how heaviness disappears from them. And if you add additional ingredients to the water, then such a spa session will bring even more benefits.

3. Daily Services

The simplest thing is to dissolve a handful of salt in a bowl of water. It is better if it is a sea salt, which at the same time will help the body make up for the lack of iodine. Tonic salt baths can be done daily; the duration of the procedure is up to 10 minutes.

Boil potato peelings and let the broth cool to a comfortable temperature – pour it into a bowl. Keep your feet in the broth for 20 minutes.

Do not forget about herbs. Depending on the condition of the skin, foot baths are made with different healing plants, for example:

  • With coniferous extracts and oak bark – to reduce sweating;
  • With oregano and sage – to moisturize the skin on the feet;
  • With chamomile and calendula – for the disinfection of small cracks.

After taking the bath, put a special mask on the feet. You can use ready-made cosmetics or prepare a mask from improvised ingredients.

4. Using Socks

For Women, to care for the heels, especially when cracks and corns appear, masks with slightly warmed olive oil are recommended – it is left on your feet all night. You will not stain the bed and achieve a more noticeable effect if you put on cotton socks after applying the oil. You can also shop online from the custom sock lab.

Masks with mayonnaise, sour cream, fat cottage cheese are perfectly softened on the rough skin – they are kept on the soles for about an hour. And if along with softening you want to achieve a whitening effect, rub your feet with half a lemon and rinse the lemon juice with cool water after 10 minutes.

5. Properly File Nails

The toenails have noticeably grown, and will it be possible to get to the appointment at the salon soon? Then to the procedures for weekly care of the pedicure, file the tips of the nail plates. Work with a file from the edge to the center, strictly in a straight line, without touching the corners of the nail – this way it will not grow.

If signs of ingrowth appear, additional measures of assistance will be required. Make a disinfectant bath with a solution of potassium permanganate and lower your foot into it with an ingrown toenail. After 15 minutes, carefully separate the ingrown part of the nail and place a cotton swab with a drop of iodine.

Pedicure and foot care are an important part of personal care. In the spring we do pedicures more often than in the winter because feet are more exposed in summer. A pleasant and beloved procedure by many, it still takes up a decent amount of time that we would rather spend on talking with friends, interesting meetings, and events.

To prolong the effect of well-groomed feet after a pedicure, I want to choose for you the most basic and irreplaceable means for foot care at home. Using them, you can’t worry about their beauty for a long time and do a pedicure once a month. All the rest of the spring you devote to yourself and your beloved people.

6. Foot Spray

Relieves stress and fatigue, refreshes and deodorizes the skin of the feet, gives a pleasant aroma, prolongs the feeling of freshness throughout the day. It’s indispensable in the heat, which will soon become especially relevant. Don’t neglect it if there is a tendency to excessive sweating of the feet.

7. Massage Oil

It eliminates dry feet, softens the skin, nourishes it, relaxes muscles, and has a pleasant aroma.

8. Crack Ointment

Keeps the heels smooth and well-groomed, quickly heals cracks and injuries on the skin of the feet, perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

9. Foot Care Oil or Cream

Deeply nourishes the skin, restores dry and most damaged areas of the foot. The oil deeply softens and moisturizes the skin. Be sure to apply after a shower, so you will extend the effect of polished heels.

10. Foot Gel

It relieves fatigue and tension in the muscles of the feet. It soothes and softens the skin of the feet and provides a healing effect and stimulates blood circulation.


Following all the above-mentioned tips for foot care might prolong your pedicure session. Sticking to the regime might actually prolong it 2-3 weeks as well. A little care and you are beautiful again!

Adding a few things in your routine can also have a greater impact on your feet like; changing socks regularly, wearing suitable and comfortable shoes, not abusing high heels, and letting your shoes breathe in air to retain moisture and bad odor. And periodically repeat professional pedicure sessions. Your feet will look great both in winter and in summer!


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