Right Marquee or Tent to Hire for Your Event

Getting the Right Marquee or Tent to Hire for Your Event

A wedding is one of the most important occasions in a person’s life. In addition to weddings as an important start to a new life between husband and wife, weddings also provide an opportunity for family and friends to gather for a happy occasion. Most women dream of a wedding day, even at a young age. However grand this moment is in a young woman’s life, some women are haunted by it most of their lives, in terms of the planning.

Along with planning a wedding dress, securing a venue and deciding on a menu, some plans may not go swimmingly well most of the time. That is why, with many other important things, planning a wedding is best left to the experts. Still, despite the fears of an ill-planned wedding, this is considered the most memorable, life-changing experience in every person’s life.

The rise of marquees in modern wedding celebrations

In recent years, due to the ever-increasing wedding supplier and vendor prices, many couples opt to have their wedding at home, which gives them an intimacy and comfort in the presence of the closest friends and family uncommon in traditional wedding receptions. With this came the rise of wedding marquees as the most suitable set for outdoor weddings, for one reason or another.

There are many reasons why marquees have become the best choice for intimate wedding celebrations. The main reason is its flexibility. Thanks to marquees, couples can always adjust the size to fit their list of guests, no matter how large or small they are. Also, marquees provide a spacious and well-ventilated environment all throughout the ceremony and reception.

Another reason why couples opt for marquees is that marquees can be adjusted depending on the season. Covers can be installed with warmers for cold days or can be folded sideways for the free circulation of air on hot and sunny days. Marquees can still offer the protection that fixed structures have while still maintaining a fresh, airy vibe unique to garden weddings.

Additionally, you can arrange almost any aspect of the wedding venue and even decorate the appearance of the tent according to your needs. Marquee rental companies often offer interior design services, and some offer a choice of both exterior and interior design to improve the area around the wedding tent. Some marquee companies offer props and temporary wedding tickets to a carnival-themed wedding reception, for example.

Choosing Wedding Marquees

To ensure your celebration goes without hitches, getting the right tent or marquee to hire for your event should always be your top priority to meet all the important requirements for your wedding. Awnings can be easily placed on all types of surfaces, which makes them versatile enough for placement in large gardens, on gravel or pavements, as well as on asphalt. Thanks to this, people can organize their wedding and wedding reception near their home, creating a homely atmosphere especially suited for relatives and close friends. Sometimes traditional wedding venues such as large houses and hotel ballrooms can be too cold, cramped and unpleasant, compared to getting married in your garden, where you will feel at home.

Wedding tents are available in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes, from the elegant to the simple. Choose a tent according to your theme, and most marquee rental providers will give couples some ideas in terms of the color palette, the overall theme, etc. Choose tents that are spacious enough to fit all your fixtures—such as tables, chairs, décor, gift tables, etc. nicely into the canopy. Today, let’s look at the different types of tents suitable for weddings:

1. High-peak frame tent

They are perfect for celebrating small weddings. These tents can be found in widths of 10, 15, and 20 meters. They have an independent structure without internal support columns. The tents have a spectacular carved top of the tent from both an internal and external point of view. These tents’ unique designs allow an open yet protected structure, suitable for garden weddings.

2. Traditional frame tent

These tents are most often used for all kinds of garden activities. They have an independent structure without internal columns. The height of these tents are adjustable, and you can adjust the height of its legs according to a terrain’s elevation. You can also join any number of frame tents to modify the tent’s configuration.

3. High-peak tension tents

These are the most suitable tents for weddings or parties in backyards. These tents have an impressive carved peak, both on the inside and the outside. However, tents are available in white only. Take note, furthermore, these tents cannot be installed with scales.

4. Traditional pole tents

The most economical tent option. These can be quickly pitched up quickly in sudden weather changes. These are not the preferred choice for special occasions such as weddings as the interior middle poles can hamper movement inside the tent and affect its general aesthetics. Similarly, these tents cannot be mounted with scales.

5. Clearspan structures

They are a great alternative to traditional tents for both private parties and weddings. They have no internal poles and can be set up independently. These types of tents can also be installed on major obstacles. If you needed, weights can be installed for added security.

Further decorations such as lighting, flower arrangements, etc., can make marquees more beautiful to complement a couple’s most memorable day. Marquees bring fun and stimulating atmosphere to an already intimate celebration at weddings, but for more private affairs and added protection, sidewalls can also be set up by the rental company. The possibilities of marquees are endless. Although if you want to save your time at your wedding, you should be willing to spend pricey on a wedding planner to organize your events, it will make your wedding ceremony or wedding reception go off without a “hitch”.


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