Fashion boots

3 Fall Staples to Invest In – Boots, Jackets & Leggings

As many parts of the country that have had incredibly warm summers are finally feeling the first touch of fall, it’s time to stock up your wardrobe for the cooler weather. Rather than going for the trendy colors or patterns that will be passe next year, put your money toward investing in fall staples that you can wear over and over again. Here are three essentials to make sure you have in your wardrobe this fall.

1. Fashion Boots

Fashion boots

Say goodbye to the summer sandals and hello to boots as cooler weather sets in. Casual summer looks are quickly replaced by women’s boots, which have been a fall staple for several years now. So many styles are available, from rustic cowboy boots to classic high heeled boots, comfy ankle booties or slouchy leather boots. Dig out last year’s boots and consider what gaps you need to fill so you can match boots with all of your usual fall outfits.

Boots go with just about everything; they can finish off a work outfit or, with the help of a pair of leggings, turn a summer dress into a fall one. Boots with fun details can really dress up an outfit to get you ready to hit the town. And of course, skinny jeans tucked into boots is still a great style.

2. Fitted Jackets

Fitted Jackets

You can go any number of directions when you’re adding a fall coat to your wardrobe, but in general, fitted jackets are the most flattering. They hug your curves, show off your waist and are versatile enough to wear anywhere from the office to out on the town. Consider buying a jacket in one of many classic styles that will be in not only this year, but probably for the next few as well. Options include white jackets, jackets with belts and menswear-inspired jackets.

Fitted jackets go with just about anything, so put one on to dress up a pair of skinny jeans or to add another layer of warmth over your blouse when you head to work on a chilly morning. Your jackets from last season will probably work just as well as those from this year, but you may want to add another color or style this year to give you even more options.

3. Tights and Leggings


The tights and leggings look isn’t going anywhere, so get ready to break out the leg coverings this year yet again. A pair of thick tights is a great way to transition your summery dresses to the fall, especially when paired with a fitted jacket or sweater to keep your arms warm as well. While solid colors, particularly black, will be the most versatile, a patterned pair or two can help you make an otherwise plain outfit pop.

Because tights and leggings are so inexpensive, don’t be afraid to buy several new pairs to add in with any you have left from last year. Having more colors and patterns available gives you versatility to match with any of the skirts and tunics you own. If you want to buy a pair that’s especially trendy this year, opt for sheer tights with a little bit of shimmer.

Putting together your style

Options abound when it comes to making fall outfits with your basic staples, so let your personal style shine through. You have many more layering options than you do in the summer, so don’t be afraid to add accessories like scarves and jackets or sweaters to bring everything together. Next year, you can get some more trendy accessories to add to the staples you’ve invested in.


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