Original Jewelry Storage Ideas (1)

3 Original Jewelry Storage Ideas

If you are like most people who are searching for jewelry storage ideas you will find that there are a few things you have to consider and keep in mind. The first thing you should think about is the items that are in your jewelry box. You should consider the items that you use on a daily basis such as your wedding rings, cufflinks, earrings, and other pieces of favourite jewelry. Keep those the most accessible in your bathroom or on your dresser.

The next thing you should think about is what you do with the rest of the items you don’t use often. Do you keep them away in boxes or do you find an original way to display and organize them so that you can easily find your pieces of jewelry whenever you need them for a special occasion?

There are some people that prefer to use a jewelry box as a display case to show off their jewelry. You may want to consider the use of some of the display cases that you can purchase from your local jewelry store. Some jewelry boxes have drawers or shelving on the top that open up which makes it easy for you to organize your jewelry. You can use some of the drawers or shelving to store your jewelry pieces in any order that you wish to. You can also use the top drawers or shelves to display the special or most worn pieces of jewelry in a decorative fashion.

For your highly valuable and antique pieces, as well as any items with a high sentimental value, we recommend keeping those in a safe.

1. DIY Bracelet Rack

recycled paper towel roll

One of the ways to display your bracelets for easy access and also to decorate your bathroom or bedroom is to make a bracelet rack yourself. It’s very easily done with some ideas from Pinterest using a recycled paper towel roll.

aluminium foil roll base

Or aluminium foil roll base. It costs nothing and is so fun and rewarding to make yourself!

2. Corkboard Necklace Hanger

Cork Board Hanger 1

This is a classic way of saving space in your house and also displaying your necklaces so you can continue wearing them instead of forgetting that they exist! It’s a simple but gorgeous way of storing your jewelry. Pick a corkboard of your choice from a hardware or office store and use some colourful or golden pins to hang your necklaces and chokers on.

3. Tiered Tray For Rings

Tiered Tray For Ring

One of the most beautiful ways to store and display your rings is to get a multi-tiered tray or plate and put it in your bathroom or anywhere you prefer to keep your jewelry. The advantage of this way of storing is that you can also keep your perfumes or watches all in the same space which is very convenient. Find a gently used tiered tray in vintage shops or buy a new one from a tea or porcelain shop.

The last of the jewelry storage ideas that you should consider is to look into the storage bins that are available. Some jewelry stores offer small, clear plastic bins that are great for storing random small pieces of jewelry.

The best jewelry storage ideas for you and your jewelry are those that make the most sense for you. If you are considering the use of jewelry storage bins and storage boxes then make sure that you shop around and get a variety of storage units. You can find these products at your local jewelry store or online. You should also take into consideration the types of jewelry that you have already stored before you begin shopping.

Jewelry storage can be very fun to organise! Set aside a day to play with your items and you will end up with a more beautiful home and organised collection of your favourite pieces, but without taking tons of space.

We hope you will find these ideas useful and will take away something to suit your style.


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