Right Breast Implant Size

3 Steps to Choosing the Right Breast Implant Size for You

Right Breast Implant SizeWhile breast implant surgery has become very common in today’s world, it is important to never forget that it is still a major surgery. After a woman has made the decision to get the surgery, the most important decision she has to make is what size implants to get. Here are three steps that a woman can use to go about doing that

1. Look at Some Nude Pictures

The best way for a woman to get an idea of what type of breast she wants is to look at nude pictures of other women. Close up photos from the front and side can help to give your surgeon an idea of what you want. You should also show your surgeon photos of breasts that you believe to be too big or too small. Take a look at your surgeon’s previous operations. Every reputable plastic surgeon will have a large amount of before and after photos for you to look through.

2. See What You Will Look Like

Use a ziplock bag to help you get an idea of what you will look like with various sizes of implants. Fill the bag with rice. A 250 ml implant is the same as one cup of rice. Tie the bag and put it in your bra. A sports bra would be ideal for this test because it evens out the bag. Put on a normal shirt and take a look at yourself. Keep trying different sizes until you find the one you like best. When you finally find a size that you like, make a note of the size so you can tell your surgeon. He will then change the quantity of rice you used into cc’s so he can tell you the exact size of your breast implant. Since implants tend to be fuller and more round, your surgeon may add 10-15 percent.

3. Final Considerations

You will need to give some serious thought to how much cleavage that you want to have after the surgery. If your implants are too far apart, you will not have much cleavage. Discuss this with your surgeon so you can be certain he knows what you want. Your height, weight and the shape of your body should all be taken into consideration when choosing an implant. Women who have a history of back pain may want to stay away from larger implants, as they could only cause an increase in discomfort. A good rule of thumb is to choose an implant that is one size larger than the rice bag you tried before. This is because implants will settle after the surgery.


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