Little Black Dress

Top 5 Fashion Trends That Are Gorgeous, Timeless, & Classic

Little Black DressIt was Coco Chanel who said, “a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Well, far be it for anyone to argue with a legend. The best way to be Coco-approved is to leave “fast fashion” in the dust and stick with gorgeous looks that never go out of style. Here are the top five gorgeous, timeless and classic fashion trends.

1. Classic = Sexy

Fashion mags are always running polls where they ask men what is really the sexiest look a woman can wear. Surprise, surprise: The answer is never “an ill-fitting tube dress and six-inch acrylic platforms.” Rather, the look that almost always comes out on top is a pair of slim-but-not-skin-tight jeans, black pumps and a white tan or button down. For a “sexy” look, opt for this simple ensemble or one like it.

2. It’s All In The Fit

If you’re rocking one of the newest boutique dresses from your favorite designer but the cut is all-wrong for your shape, it really doesn’t matter how much you spent on your new look. Movie stars of yesteryear knew that the most important aspect to any look was how it fit their form. Today a lot of starlets rock the “hobo chic” look in ill-fitting pieces that do nothing for their shape. Take a cue from the retro years and wear clothes that really accentuate your figure. (Note: Remember, tailoring isn’t just for guys. Real fashionistas know that no look is perfect fresh off the rack.)

3. Accessories Finish a Look

We don’t remember Marilyn Monroe for her pretty dresses; rather, it’s the diamonds and heels that make her look so classic. No ensemble is complete without the perfect accessories. A simple dress becomes a flawless statement when paired with the perfect pumps or sleek handbag. Your jewels don’t have to be diamonds, but they do have to compliment your ensemble.

4. Throw Shade

When did sunglasses become an afterthought? Shades used to be the accessory of any fashionista worth her pumps. Whether you’re in a sundress on the beach or working a trench coat and boots in the middle of winter, a pair of glamorous and oversize sunglasses give a timeless and classy effect with zero effort.

5. The Little Black Dress

This Audrey-approved look doesn’t need any elaboration. It’s universally flattering, simple and perfect. We love the little black numbers from Love and Lemons dresses, which are perfect for those ladies who want to add some elegant and classic style to their wardrobe.


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