Silver Dangle Fashion Earrings

Silver Pendants & Earrings are Ideal Bridal Shower Gifts

Curl NecklaceYour best friend is getting married and you don’t know what to give her. Of course you’ve already registered, but that’s not the point is it? Have you considered giving her a silver pendant or silver earrings for women? A lot of brides get stuck on choosing items on their registry that they’ll never use.

Making Good Use of the Registry

Are you sure you need an 18-course dinner set? When you know your fiance’s friends live on fried chicken & eat with their fingers? And your friends don’t know a salad fork from a fish knife- come to think of it neither do I. So don’t you think your friends might be more comfortable gifting you jewelry that you can wear on your honeymoon, the birth & christening of your first child, etc?

Diamond Pendants

A butterfly silver pendant studded with diamonds is an ideal bridal shower gift for a childhood friend or sister. Usually the pendants come with their own marquis length silver necklace chains, so you’re gifting a necklace not just a pendant. Check out the various colored druzy agate silver pendants with necklace chains. They’re a hip piece of jewelry, not expensive and can be worn at a pre-wedding dinner or during the honeymoon. Druzy agate silver earrings for women too are an option or you might build a set if your budget permits you.

Zirconia or Gemstones

Silver earrings for women don’t necessarily have to be confined to fine jewelry they can include trendy fashion jewelry. But remember to find out the tastes of your friends before gifting them anything. Silver earrings studded with zirconia, silver earrings studs with rutilated quartz are ideal bridal shower gift registry ideas.

Fix a Budget

Silver Dangle Fashion EarringsYou can pair the Silver Earrings with Onyx with the Silver Necklace with Onyx, making a very stylish jewelry set for a bridal jewelry gift. Most online jewelry stores have great prices and have a variety of jewelry styles to choose from. So you don’t have to spend time away from your desk or spend too much time scouting from store to store. Even if you can’t browse the internet at work, a half hour each day when you can spare it at home, will suffice for you to get an idea of how much a silver pendant or silver earrings for women cost.


For example, a Blue Topaz and Diamond Accent Pendant or an amethyst and Diamond Accent Pendant in Sterling Silver are very cheap. Rose Gold Plated Silver Earrings with a touch of retro-chic are ideal for very picky brides. The general consensus is that too much jewelry isn’t good on the wedding day as it’s likely to draw attention from the wedding gown. Keeping the cost of the wedding gown down, with a simple flowing cut like a Grecian-style gown, means that you can splurge on jewelry and other accessories.

Splurge on Bridal Jewelry

A lot of brides who have been there & back, say that it makes sense to get a less expensive bridal gown rather than a poufy one that you will end up wearing only once (or twice if you’re going for the 2-wedding scenario) in your life. The extra cash you save, you can spend on other items you can wear throughout your life, not just on one day.


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