Perfect Gallery Wall in Your Home

3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall in Your Home

When it comes to decorating your home, it can be easy to overlook just how big an impact the things you choose to hang on your walls can have. You might spend a fair amount of time and effort choosing and arranging furniture, picking the perfect paint for each room, and making sure the flooring is just right, only to feel that something is still not quite complete. When you choose the right things to hang on the walls, you essentially put the finishing details on space and bring everything together.

One popular option for wall space that might not yet be spoken for is to make a gallery wall. This is a wall that is adorned with a variety of pictures that go together in some way, shape, or form. You might have everything in identical frames for a uniform look, or there might be a bit of cohesive mismatching going on. Either way, a gallery wall is a great way to display some of your favorite family photos.

If you have decided to create a gallery wall in one of the rooms of your home, you might not exactly know where to start. Here are three tips that can help you get going in the right direction.

1. Start with the Photos

The first thing that you will want to start with once you have decided on which wall in your house will become your gallery wall is the photos that you want to display there. Family photos are always a great option, as a gallery wall can serve to showcase some of your favorite family moments.

If you don’t have any decent prints of such photos, why not go all out and have portraits taken of each of the members of your family? A Chicago portrait photographer can provide you with beautiful portraits that you would be proud to display. You can use these photos along with some more candid shots of the family to create a really lovely effect.

2. Consider Sizing

The sizing of the photos that you choose for your gallery wall is going to be the next thing to consider. Some people like to go with a more tailored look where all of the photos are the same size. These can then be arranged with uniform spacing for a polished look.

Other people prefer to be a bit more creative with their gallery wall. You can opt to have your photos printed out in a variety of sizes and orientations to then be pieced together almost like a puzzle on your gallery wall. This can be a really fun way to make for a more relaxed yet organized look. As long as you are careful with the spacing between your pictures, you can end up with a truly lovely effect. It can help to block everything out with pieces of paper that match the sizes of your frames first so that you can be sure to get the spacing just right before you start working with nails.

3. Find the Perfect Frames

The frames that you choose for your pictures will be the final things to consider when making your gallery wall. Once again, you can opt to go with a uniform look where everything is in the same size and color of frame, or you can choose to go with some mismatched frames.

The key to succeeding with the latter option is to make sure that the frames are all cohesive in some way. Perhaps they are the same color but vary in size and texture. You might choose from the same color palate with some variety in hue. Some people opt to go with a certain theme, such as rustic, in order to make sure that everything goes well together.

Another great option if you aren’t looking to spend too much time on this project is to go with frames that can accommodate multiple photos. For instance, frames that hold three photos, each in a neat line, can make the entire project much simpler. This look can be very appropriate if the wall you are using is over some stairs.


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