Add Cinnamon to Lips

4 Celebrity Beauty Secrets, You Should Be Trying!

Celebrities are known as some of the most beautiful people in the world with stunning looks that are difficult for the average person to achieve. Between voluminous hairs to strong cheekbones, there are certain features that are common for the average star. Although most celebrities have natural beauty, there are several secrets that they have to maintaining their gorgeous looks.

1. Use a Honey Mask

Oatmeal Milk Honey MaskFor a natural way of clearing up skin, celebrities are known for using honey masks on their skin for 15 minutes a day. A honey mask may be sticky, but works to clear up acne in just weeks while also evening out the skin tone for smooth and radiant skin. Honey also helps to reduce the size of pores for an easy way of keeping the skin clear.

2. Add Hair Extensions

Brazilian hair extensionsMost people wonder how Jennifer Lopez has such long locks in her 40s or how Sophia Vergara is able to have a large amount of volume in her locks. Most celebrities rely on using Brazilian hair extensions, which can be clipped or fused into the hair. Whether attending a formal event or heading off to the office, it makes for an incredible way of having longer locks without the hassle involved.

3. Deep Condition Hair with Avocado

Hair with AvocadoIt’s normal for hair to become dry and brittle with plenty of tools, heat, and chemicals used on the strands. To recondition the hair and restore its natural shine, apply avocado liberally with one tablespoon of olive oil for a natural hair mask that will infuse the hair with vitamins. This method is commonly practiced by Denise Richards for a great way of restoring lost oils in the hair and preventing breakage.

4. Add Cinnamon to Lips

Add Cinnamon to LipsInstead of getting painful lip injections, you can plump up your pout naturally by adding a small amount of cinnamon to the lips. The spice helps to stimulate blood flow for a great way of attaining more volume and feeling confident when you pucker up. Use the cinnamon with a small amount of Vaseline or gloss, which will allow the lips to look full for several hours.

Although celebrities may spend thousands of dollars on expensive beauty treatments and products, there are a few secrets that they avoid sharing for great ways of enhancing their appearance. The products and services allow each star to look their absolute best and achieve an image that is difficult to attain on their own.


Savannah Coulsen is a freelance writer behalf of She lives in Raleigh. She loves learning and is a self-proclaimed health guru. Savannah uses Brazilian hair extensions to feel more like a celebrity.