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Girl’s Tees – An untamed Passion

Often cited quote that the Tees (T-shirts) carry the attitude of the wearer seems so evident when we come across university campus or at a student gathering that is never petite enough on t-shirts.

Girls T-shirtsFrom the ones with funny catchphrases or eye-catching pictures, to those which act as souvenirs from memorable thoughts, tees are a great innovative way to make a statement about you. Girl’s T-shirts are one of the most integral and versatile items of their wardrobe.

Girls often do throw up a fashion white-towel when it concerns their t-shirt wearing days; whether they put up their graphic tees by own choice or they are required to wear a specific shirt for a sorority event, alliance function and volunteer work or during a job.

It’s a common belief that you can’t formulate a graphic tee to look stylish and chick. There are tons of approaches to make a statement in a Tee.

How to Add Style to a Tee

Focus on these tips to rock a tee and look stylish:

Splendid outerwear:

Splendid outerwearAdd a cute jacket or try it with a vest. You can even hurl on a denim or tuxedo vest to add some style to your tee, in case you’re having a lethargic day. Spruce up a t-shirt by pairing it with a cute structured jacket or a cardigan, on contrary to a frumpy hoodie. A denim vest is a cool and startling way to add a rock and roll feel to a gig t-shirt. Try it with different patterns of colored tees.

Pair it up with a skirt:

Another way to wear a t-shirt and still look chick is to tuck it into a skirt. A t-shirt can look awesome tucked into a high-waist or bandage skirt. Elegant enough to show off on a date, you can even endeavor it with maxi skirt. For an ultra-chic look, make sure the tee isn’t too busy and tie the knot right where the skirt begins. With the precise attitude and confidence, it’s effortless to pull off.

Do Accessorize:

Do AccessorizeA hat, scarf, pair of sunglasses, wrist watches or embellished belt can easily spruce up an outfit and spice up a tee. Patten it with the color of your graphic tee to become the ultimate object of desire. There is an unending list of accessories you can opt for and experiment with, to pull off the ravishing chick look.

Wear Jewelries:

Wear JewelriesTo give an edge to your outfit, a stack of bracelets, funky earrings or a few designer rings will be prove as considerable add-ons. You can also opt for diverse necklaces, monograms, bangles and pattern it accordingly.


Shoe-taskSpice up your outfit with pair of shoes or sandals. The plainest of all jeans and t-shirt combo can look elegant when paired with boots, funky gladiator sandals or vibrantly colored sneakers. You can also experiment with casual shoes, flat ballets or cowboy boots. Try to match the shoe color with your funky tees.

Androgynous look:

Androgynous lookGet an androgynous look while experimenting with beanie headgears, classic leather waist-belts, different pairs of casual shoes and menswear timepieces. The relaxed unperturbed look and feel of your favorite tee would be awesome combo with a pair of jeans and a few intentionally placed menswear accessories.

Style yourself-up with your favorite summer tees while following these easy-to-follow tips and stand out to look super-duper hot chick.


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