Rodeo Drive - Beverly Hills (California USA)

The Ultimate Shopping Streets to Visit in USA

New York has always been a major influence on global fashion and style, alongside the traditional fashion capitals of Milan, London and Paris. Every fashion designer has an extensive footprint all across the US. America is also the birthplace of the mega shopping mall and massive supermarket chains like Wal-Mart. As the world’s largest consumer market, shopping in the US offers the very best from every corner of the earth. There are particular streets in the US that have deservedly built a reputation as global shopping havens. Here are the best:

Fifth Avenue, New York

Fifth Avenue New YorkThe largest city in the US, New York is also a global cultural and financial center. The runways at the New York fashion Week have set global trends in fashion for ages. Several locations in the Big Apple are renowned worldwide for their chic stores such as Madison Avenue and the SoHo district. Towering above all is Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. This is where luxury boutiques and jewellers such as Gucci, Versace, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and the classic Tiffany’s dazzle along the sidewalks.

Rodeo Drive, California

Rodeo Drive - Beverly Hills (California USA)This is one of the most expensive streets in the world, and for good reason. The boutiques, jewellers, fashion stores and exclusive retailers cater to the glamorous stars of Hollywood. This palm lined street is set in the glitzy Beverly Hills district, complete with valet parking. Shop here if you want to look like an A List star, but be prepared for the galactic prices.

North Michigan Avenue, Chicago

North Michigan Avenue ChicagoThis street is quintessential Chicago; architectural master pieces by the great Franklin Lloyd Wright, on windy streets housing America’s best department stores and gourmet restaurants. The Magnificent Mile, as it is popularly known, hosts all the big brands: Saks fifth Av, Lord & Taylor, Brooks Brothers and Hermes.

Las Vegas Boulevard 

Las Vegas BoulevardSin City is much more than luxurious casino behemoths along the Strip. The top casinos including The Bellagio, Caesars, and the Venetian have huge shopping centers within the hotel complex. These stock everything from designer apparel to expensive jewellery and Italian sports cars. Take a break from the slot machines and treat yourself at these lovely stores.

Newbury Street, Boston

Newbury Street BostonThe New England area has its own iconic shopping street that adds architectural delights and style to your shopping experience. Newbury Street is famous for its wide sidewalks and high end stores and boutiques. This is Boston’s answer to Rodeo drive.

Other streets in the US that are worth shopping at include:

  • King Street in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Fillmore Street in San Francisco, California.
  • NW 23rd Avenue in Portland, Oregon.
  • Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • M Street NW in Washington DC.

These streets stock the best high end products and are located in fashionable districts with lots more to enjoy. Sample great food and drinks at nearby cafes, or just take a stroll along these beautiful streets. Any shopper will get much more than they bargained for in these and other shopping locations around the US.


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