Stylish fashion clothes

Be Stylish, Not Trendy!

Stylish fashion clothesStyle is not influenced by customs or trends, but by you. You just need to be yourself and look amazing.  And if you wish to be trendy, then you need to change your wardrobe every season according to the changing trends. Now, we leave that to you to decide what seems more convenient and economical.

Shop For The Upcoming Season In The Previous Season

As you can start preparing for summers in late spring. It is obvious that the last year’s summer collection is going to be followed in this year’s summer too. So you can just go through the last year’s fashion updates; for example, Fashion weeks, famous awards’ red carpet and your favorite brands. And you can easily get ideas to shape up your attire.

Grab On To Colors & Prints

Spring has left many colors for us, the shades of sunset, lavender, orange and other eye-soothing colors are seen as to be continued into this season as well. Which means many of the colors we chose for hot days are still going to stick with us. While, floral and other attractive prints are the charms of many dresses. Don’t let these prints go, contrast and combine your favorite prints to give them a summer look.

Pick On Airy Dresses

Select colors and fabrics which are light and seem to be comfortable. The perfect summer dress should be figure-flattering and easy to wear. It should be light enough for the hottest day, but more substantial than your standard swimsuit cover-up. It should be casual and can become classy, just by a few quick accessory changes.

Keep It Short

As the craze of denim is not fading away anytime soon, then you should also opt for clothing which does have some denim elements. Denim overalls, shorts and cutoff shorts are the street style wear and they give you both an elegant and a relaxed look. They are must haves for summers, whether of denim or of any other fabric, and they will not let you down in terms of fashion.

Cheap, Yet Stylish

It is not necessary that all that you wear should be expensive; many stars pick on low-priced dresses and look stunning.One of Taylor Swift’s crepe romper has been just worth  $74, whereas Jennifer Lopez’s Tank top costed just $14! Lauren Conrad’s Tieback Cap sleeve blouse was also an economical choice which was only for $39. Cute dresses don’t have to cost a fortune, thus, be wise and shop more whilst investing lesser money.

Store Next Door

Never underestimate the stores in your town. They may offer you something which even big names can’t. Do visit your nearby stores and see what they have for you.

Attitude Matters

The most important part is you. Dressing up like a princess or a star would be nothing if you don’t have the confidence to carry your dress well. Be sure of yourself and your dress will go with your personality.

Style is nothing but a matter of taste and a fusion of colors with your individuality. Everything looks good on those who believe in their beauty and uniqueness. Hence, be stylish and don’t change yourself altogether with trends that keep changing with the weather.


Christine Rudolph is a passionate blogger, currently working for an online shopping store ‘Sophie & Trey’. Find us on Facebook to stay updated with our latest deals.