Love This Christmas 2013

4 Fun Fashion You Will Love This Christmas

Love This Christmas 2013There are tons of fun and unique fashions during Christmas. From colorful sweaters to fuzzy scarves, the winter season allows for one to experiment with different colors, textures, and patterns. So to get you started this holiday season, here are some fun fashions that you are sure to love this Christmas.

1. Scarves

During the chilly winter months, nothing tops off a look better than a cozy scarf. If your outfit is rather plain or neutral, then add a pop of color with a bright scarf. You can also play with different materials and patterns. Faux fur is very fashionable right now. For those that prefer knits, however, chunky infinity scarves are also very popular. In terms of patterns, try a bright graphic print for a fun and trendy look.

2. Slippers

In terms of at-home fashion, nothing is more important than a pair of warm slippers. So combine fashion and function with some cool animal slippers. A silly pair of seals or bunnies will be sure to make you smile each morning when you slip them on. Slipper boots are also a very popular style. These sock-like slippers extend up the ankle, typically to midcalf. This means that they are sure to keep each of your feet extra toasty.

3. Hats

This is another fashion that is both practical for cold weather and a fun fashion statement. Bow ear cuffs are very popular and a great way to keep your ears warm without having to sacrifice your hair. Animal-inspired hats are also on trend, however. So whether you like owls or pandas, you can pick up a beanie complete with little perked up ears.

4. Sweaters

Nothing feels better during the Christmas season than to cuddle up in a big cozy sweater. Luckily, during this season you can feel free to play with different colors and patterns. Large graphics, such as a heart or reindeer, are actually back in trend. So throw on an oversized sweater and neutral pair of leggings for an instantly fashionable outfit.

These are some fun fashions for winter. Each of these ideas combines fashion with functionality to help you stay warm while still looking trendy. During the Christmas season, graphic sweaters can be both fashionable and festive. When relaxing at home, however, you can stay in style with some cool slippers. Finally, remember that even when you are bundled up in your warm winter coat, you can add pops of color with a stylish winter hat and colorful scarf.


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