Outdoor Wedding Ideas
Outdoor Wedding Ideas

4 Ways to Not Screw Up Your Outdoor Wedding

An indoor wedding does not really encapsulate everybody’s idea of the perfect dream wedding. This is why outdoor weddings are usually a better option. These provide you with beautiful memories that last for an eternity. However, ask anyone who has had an outdoor wedding, before, and they will tell you that it was anything but easy to plan and execute.

There are countless things that can go wrong with outdoor weddings. That is the reason why a lot of people play it safe and head for the indoor. You do not have to compromise your dreams like everyone else. With these 4 simple pieces of advice, you can have an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception that you will not regret.

1) Get the Permission

If you are going to stage your wedding in an outdoor venue, you will need to acquire permission for it (unless you live in a mansion and your backyard is big enough to accommodate all your guests). Once you receive the permission to have your wedding ceremony, it is important that you read the rules and regulations put in place by the people in charge of the outdoor venue. The last thing you want in your wedding is to have the authorities label you as a nuisance.

2) Have a Plan B

The biggest problem that you will face with an outdoor event is the unpredictable weather. You can never know when lumpy grey clouds full of rain will decide to tarnish your party with a heavy shower. This is why you need to keep a backup, just in case of bad weather. Perhaps you could rent tents where you can shepherd the guests into when the heavens open up. The best option would be to rent an outdoor facility that has a clubhouse or outdoor shelter.

3) Ensure Comfort

You can’t forget about the guests while enjoying your outdoor wedding. It is your responsibility as the host of the ceremony to ensure that the guests are comfortable at all times. If the weather outside is a little too hot for their liking, make sure that they are supplied with wet towels and refreshing drinks that will keep them cool and in tune with the ceremony and the reception.

4) Keep the Costs in Check

A lot of people choose outdoor venues to save money that would have been otherwise spent in renting a hall. This notion of outdoor venues being cheap locations for wedding ceremonies is somewhat erroneous. With an outdoor reception or ceremony, you may need to arrange for a number of things that you would have had available for free in an indoor facility. For example, reception halls give you complimentary chairs and tables. In an outdoor venue, you would probably have to rent them from a wedding decor service. Hence, it is important to allocate a budget for the outdoor ceremony and make sure that you don’t end up spending more than you can afford.

Despite the fact that an outdoor wedding can quickly turn south, it is always a better option to take a little risk and ditch the confines of the indoors for the beautiful open skies.


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