Easter Sunday Outfit

5 Easter Sunday Outfit Ideas

The Easter holiday is around the corner, and that means you’ll soon be searching through your closet for Easter outfits. However, with so many different Easter Sunday outfits to choose from, how do you know which ones will be perfect for the holiday? That’s why we’ve put together this list of 5 Easter Sunday outfit ideas that you can use to get started on your search for the perfect clothes!

The Flared Skirt

The White Shirt

White is always a safe choice when it comes to Easter Sunday outfit ideas, but it’s important to keep in mind that a white shirt—no matter how dressy—still needs something more. The safest route is pairing it with bold pants, for a dressed-up vibe; or khakis, for a more casual look. A white skirt can also look sharp—particularly if you’re comfortable sporting them to an afternoon event. To top things off, try donning color-coordinated shoes: either dress shoes or flats (especially when they’re light-colored).

The Lace Dress

The ultimate Easter style? A lace dress! Pair with strappy heels, a statement necklace, and a clutch for an all-out glamorous look. For extra warmth for a chilly Easter, opt for a long-sleeved dress. Extra drama? No problem: wear your hair in an upstyle and accessorize with even more jewels. The perfect outfit for holiday photos at brunch or for taking to church on Easter morning!

When in doubt about what to wear for Easter, try going casual chic—especially if you’re headed out for lunch after church. A cozy teal top with cool stripes and a scoop collar is fun yet sophisticated; worn under tailored trousers it’s totally on-trend. Add ankle boots in black suede to complete your look. Remember, laidback doesn’t mean sloppy so skip don’t skip out on any accessories especially when it elevates your look.

The Flared Skirt

Easter is here and it’s time to get into those Easter-style looks! This season, think flared skirts in eye-catching patterns and vibrant colors. No matter what your body shape or age, there are styles that can flatter every type of woman. As a general rule, you want to focus on light fabrics such as cotton, silk, and linen because they can be more comfortable during warmer months. If you follow these simple tips, you’ll be able to choose an outfit that works for all ages—and has your entire family ready for Easter celebrations!

Spring Boho

A boho-chic look is one of my favorite Easter styles because it’s ideal for pairing with a floppy hat and some oversized shades. This ensemble has a boho vibe but isn’t overtly hippie; instead, it plays on hippie inspiration without giving off an old-school vibe. Balance out a flowy skirt by going for structured pieces like a fitted coat and tights. You can also go with different textures like lace and leather to play with proportions and patterns. Adding in bright colors is also an easy way to bring spring into your outfit.

Easter Prints

Whether your taste runs to pastels or bold hues, prints are an easy way to mix up your Easter outfit. Whether it’s florals or stripes, playful prints like these are sure to make an impact at your family’s Easter brunch. Try incorporating a different print in each part of your outfit for a more cohesive look. If you do choose loud pieces, be sure to scale them back with solid accessories and shoes (the classic rule is one pop of color per person).

Easter is one of those once-every-year holidays that seems to be built for fashion. Whether you’re going to church or spending time with friends and family, it’s time to put together a killer Easter outfit. Sweet Salt’s trendy modest clothing is the perfect place to shop if you want the best of both worlds.


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