5 Essential Items Before You Go Snowboarding

5 Essential Items Before You Go Snowboarding

In the winter time, there’s no better pastime then gearing up and hitting the ski slopes. Whooshing down the side of a snow-capped mountain and feeling at one with nature, snowboarding is well-proven to boost both our physical and mental health.

Snowboarding and skiing trips can be dangerous, however, thanks to the low-temperatures, high levels of sunlight, steep terrain, and fast speeds of the other riders. That’s why it’s essential to stock up on the right gear before you carve up the powder. Here we will look at five essential items — bar the snowboard, boots and helmet, which are usually rented on the day — you should invest in first. They may cost you a fair bit of money, but there really is no price you can put on your own well-being.


Even more than skiing, snowboarding involves a lot of falling over. The best protection when hitting the ground is using your hands to stop a nasty collision with the ground. Therefore, it’s so important to have thick durable gloves that don’t let the snow seep into your hands when you touch the floor. Snowboarding gloves can differ a little from ski gloves because while the ski glove has to be shaped in a certain way to grip around the ski pole, snowboarding gloves should contribute to your sense of balance.

To find the right mittens for your budget, read The Best Snowboard Gloves in 2020 – In-Depth BUYER’S GUIDE here.


According to both Germans and Scandinavians, there is no such thing as bad weather. Only bad clothes. This is especially true when it comes to investing in a good ski jacket. It’s essential that you pick one that works to keep you warm and that looks good on the slopes. The key to a good ski jacket is comfort. Of course, you don’t want to be too cold. At the same time, you don’t want a jacket that makes you feel stuffy or itch, either. Here it’s worth investing a little bit more money in order to get a jacket that lasts longer than just one season.


People don’t think of the sun when they’re heading off to the winter mountains, but due to the height of ski resorts, they in fact attract far more sunlight than at base level. There is even the danger of getting skin cancer from the higher levels of ultraviolet radiation, making bringing your own sunscreen a must! This is why it’s also essential to wear good goggles that protect you from the dangerous effects of sun rays.

And it’s not just the sun you have to watch out for. In more inclement weather, such as during a snowstorm, good googles prevent the snow from hitting your face, allowing you to concentrate on what really matters: carving up those slopes.


Undergarments are a must-needed part of any snowboarding trip. At a resort such as Whistler Mountain in Canada, for example, temperatures can be as low as 18°F. To protect yourself against hypothermia, it’s essential to invest in a variety of different thermals. These can include:

  • Long-sleeved t-shirts
  • Long johns
  • Long underwear

The important thing to consider is making the clothes waterproof. As any professional will tell you, it’s not so much the cold air that’s dangerous to your health, but wetness. In fact, if you find that your clothes are getting too cold or damp, you should head straight back to the lodge to change. It’s worth investing a bit more in these types of very durable undergarments, as there simply is no reason to skimp or save on your health and protection.


Like thermals, it’s essential to get socks that don’t absorb the snow and become wet, but that remain durable no matter how harsh or cold the weather gets. Snowboarding socks are specially designed to fit the shape of your boot, allowing for as much comfort and flexibility as possible. This doesn’t simply mean finding the thickest socks around, like you might if you were going on a long winter hike. Instead, it’s important to find a professionally made garment that encourages blood-flow while being strong enough to fight whatever the elements might throw at you.


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