Essential Layering Pieces

5 Essential Layering Pieces

Having pieces in your wardrobe for layering can be for so many different reasons. They can be used to add some flair to your outfit, help you stay warmer, or even make your outfit more modest. No matter the reason, having a few basic items on hand can make layering so much more fun and easy. Here are five essential layering pieces you need to add to your wardrobe if you haven’t already!

1. Layering Tees

You can never have too many layering tees. They can be used under dresses or shirts that don’t have enough sleeve. If the top of your dress or shirt is too see-through, just layer a basic tee underneath. You can even wear basic tees by themselves. They pair well with everything from jeans to shorts to skirts. You can wear them in any season, and they come in both long and short-sleeve options.

You’ll usually want to start with a few neutral-colored basic tees like black, white, brown, and maybe cream. The first basic layering tees most people start with are usually short sleeves since they won’t make you as hot as layering a long-sleeve shirt.

2. Skirt Extenders

It’s always great to have a few skirt extenders on hand. They can actually be used in multiple ways. You can of course use them to lengthen skirts and dresses, but many extenders can also be used as slips! They’re also the perfect item to layer under a skirt if you need a little more warmth.

3. Cardigans Long and Short

Cardigans are another great layering piece to have in your wardrobe. They go well over everything. You can layer them over jeans and a tee, skirts and blouses, or dresses. Cardigans also come in long and short sizes. So, you can add extra warmth, and length, as well as style your outfits a bit differently.

4. Camis

If layering tees seem a bit too hot for your taste, consider getting yourself a few neutral-colored camis. Camis can be used to cover cleavage, help make shirts less see-through, and they can help smooth everything out. Camis can be layered under shirts as well as dresses. They can also be worn under cardigans. Camis come in so many colors and styles too, so there is something for everyone.

5. Tights

Tights are another great layering item to have in your wardrobe. They go beautifully under skirts and dresses to help keep your legs warmer. They can also be worn to help cover your legs if your dress or skirt is a bit short for your taste. They’re great for fall and winter and can be worn in the spring! They also come in many different colors and textures.

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