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5 Fashion Trends Embraces Green World

Today, there is a drastic change in brewing fashion world, where trends and fate of planet has both becoming an issue.  This post highlights the fashion trends for a green sustainable environment.

1. Bhagalpur Silk

All credits for reviving the Bhagalpur Industry in Bihar goes to Samant Chauhan. It is one among few silks in which the silkworm is not killed. One can call it a wild silk because in this the cocoon is preserved for 10 to 15 days till the worms break out. Once the process is over, then the silk is hand woven. This process can be labeled as cruelty free process that is ecofriendly and trims down the use of dyes. Even the residue left can be incorporated into the designs.

2. Jeans

Fashion TrendsThe jeans have been in our closet since 1800, but with the rapid advancement of technology the name has been changed to green jeans. There are many famous denim companies like Levi Strauss that have launched jeans keeping in mind  environment sustainability For instance, earlier in this year they launched water less jeans wherein there mission was to save the most important natural resource i.e. water. According to their statements on an average 42 litres is consumed to finish a pair of jeans.This figure, however does not reflect the water used in reaping cotton or creating dyes and rinsing the jeans before the final finish. By launching this campaign Levis not only aims to save the water usage, but also to fund money for WaterCredit to bring clean water to more than 20,000 people in the next two years.

Above all, they are not only eco friendly jeans but when worn they also look smart enough.

The Battalion is another jean in the eco friendly league that has been worn by the famous celebrities like Halle Berry. The jeans and leggings are considered to be eco friendly because they are made of clothing like bamboo and organic cotton. The only complainant with this product is although they have a wide range of dresses, blouses, and jackets, but there is a limited variety of jeans.

3. Kuyitchi

Kuyitchi is a European brand that is made of organic cotton as well the other materials that are grown organically. The brand is labeled as sustainable ethos that means the practice under which the jean is prepared is environmentaly sustainable.

However, this brand doesn’t have their stores; they are sold through stockists, in sizes and styles that depend upon your choice and preferences. These jeans have a laid back look and definitely have a hippy vibe in them. So, these are not ideal jeans for your office.

This jeans brand is not available in U.S, but they do ship.

4. Reco Jeans

It is a New York based jeans that is known to be most environment sustainable jeans because they are made of upcycled jeans and denims that is disposed off by other companies. When the recycled fibre is not enough to prepare a certain color, then they weave organic cotton from renewable resources.

They have a wide variety of impressive jeans that is suited for every occasion, so you can design them in any style, size and cut of color.

5. Khaki

Khaki trend is still in rage. It is regarded as hero of eco friendly fabrics.  Khaki cut out skirts, khaki jackets, twill trousers, mulberry full shirt, city safari jacket, are the examples of these timeless fabric.

Don’t forget to complement it with the khaki accessories like cool twin buckle elastic belt, metal elastic fastening waist band, mittens, knitted scarf, beanie, pom pom accent babble hat, and best among them is wrinkled baseball hat.

Tips on How to incorporate Green Fashion Trends

Here are some tips on how to green the closet instantly

  • Purchase the fabrics that are produced with less abuse, like energy and toxins.
  • Purchase the garments that are made of hand woven fabric. It not only keeps alive the age old Indian tradition, but it also provides gainful employment opportunities in handloom dominated clusters.
  • Recycling or wearing of old clothes. There are a variety of boho chic options at the local stores. To accentuate the look, you can add embellishments or an extra dart or pleat to create a new outfit.  You can mix and match the old garments and create one of a kind outfit.
  • The best option is to donate unwanted clothes to people who are in dire need of them. It helps to trim down the production of excessive material.


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