South Africa Wedding Destination

5 Ideas on Where to Have Your Wedding Day!

A wedding  – the only chance for a woman to feel like a princess at least for a day. This is not just a wedding day, this is the moment when two people are ready to give each other a vow of love. On this day everything must be impeccable since it will be remembered for a lifetime. This is also the official start of your new married life, hopefully a happy one. If you didn’t believe that this can be turned into something beautiful, you wouldn’t have decide to make this step in the first place, so the chances are on your side. Choose a destination for your wedding day that will appeal to you and your future spouse, one that will give you a perfect start.

South Africa

South Africa Wedding Destination

This wedding destination is suitable for the ones who love adventures and out-of-the-ordinary experiences. South Africa can certainly offer you all that. You probably haven’t heard about the Ulusaba private reserve. It provides couple that want to get married there a spacious veranda overlooking a plain of greenery. This is where the wedding ceremonies usually take place. The suites are designed is such a way so that they project an African feeling but in combination with modern styling decisions. You and your guests won’t lack comforts there. The African landscape is perfect for a safari out where the wildlife is. Is an eye to eye encounter with a wild animal adventurous enough for you?

Sri Lanka

 Sri Lanka Weddings Destination

A luxurious island that can satisfy all of your whims – this is what Sri Lanka stands for. Actually, it’s a very popular destination for couples that are about to get married. A beach wedding is what the island calls for – palms in the background, the waves of the Indian Ocean, your wife/husband-to-be by your side, a total nirvana. Your wedding suite will have the appropriate for the occasion decoration and treats. Maybe you’d like Sri Lanka’s luxury too much and come to celebrate your anniversary there for years to come.


 Iceland Wedding Destination

This location is for the ones who don’t mind low temperatures. Unlike the name of the country suggests, the typical Icelandic background is not like the Antarctica one. So, if you have this assumption, know that it’s not right. The average temperature throughout the year is around 7°C, which is still above zero. If that’s still too low for you, have your wedding in the summer where temperatures go up to 13-14°C. You can have an indoor church wedding ceremony or one outside, like a true ice queen and king.


 Cyprus Wedding Destination

Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, is believed to be born in the foamy water around the island of Cyprus. It may hint you that this is the appropriate place for celebration of love, which is what a wedding is for. For the unfamiliar ones, the island is in the Mediterranean Sea and is divided in two: a Greek and a Turkish part. You’ll get plenty of sunny weather on your wedding day since that’s what the climate in Cyprus is like most of the time. Indulge in a yacht wedding trip enjoying the smell of the sea and feeling the wind in your hair.


 France Wedding Destination

By France, it is actually meant Paris, the renowned ‘city of love’. This should be enough to make it the perfect wedding destination. A photo-shoot in front of the Eiffel Tower in a wedding gown is inevitable. The overall romantic spirit of the city will contribute to the festive mood. Paris may be a cliché for some, but it has to be included in the list because it’s full of sentiment. If that’s your dream wedding spot, go for it without having prejudices.


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