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Picking Out Your Bridal Fragrance…

 Women FragrancePlanning every last detail for your wedding day may feel like a lot of work, but that day will be one that’s highlighted in your memory for the rest of your life. You want everything to be just right, and one detail you should make sure to remember is the fragrance you’ll be wearing during your big day.

Type of Fragrance

First, familiarize yourself with the types of fragrances available to help you decide what type you want to use. Perfume is the strongest type because it’s highly concentrated, and it’s often the most expensive. If you find a perfume you like, make it a wedding present to yourself, and you’ll have plenty to wear after the wedding, too. Eau de parfum is a little bit weaker, but it’s easier to get a very subtle dab of this type of fragrance. Eau de toilette or eau de cologne is the next step down, and it’s a very affordable option. The lightest fragrance type is a body splash, which is designed to be quite subtle, so you can apply a mist for a light scent or more if you want a stronger fragrance.

Early Experimentation

You don’t want to wait until the week of your wedding to pick a fragrance. Start early because it may take a few trips to the store to find a fragrance you love. Smell a wide range of scents, and be sure to ask for coffee beans to sniff between so you’re not mixing a fragrance with one that’s still lingering. Once you find one that you think you like, go ahead and put it on your skin to see how you like it a few hours later. Scents will interact with your hormones as they sit, so one that smells great at the store may not be ideal later. If you need to, go out several more times and keep trying scents until you think you’ve found the perfect one to match your body chemistry.

Check With Your Sweetie

Unless you put your bridal fragrance in the same category as your wedding gown, which tradition say he can’t experience until the big day, get your honey’s opinion on the fragrance. Even though you’ll be smelling it a little bit more than he will, you want to make sure he enjoys it. If he’s unsure about the one you like, let him smell some of your other favorites to see if any of those appeal to him.

Wear it Well

When applying your fragrance on your wedding day, make sure you don’t overdo it. Leave off the scented lotion and other fragrances that could compete so you’re starting from a clean slate. Then apply the fragrance just as you tested it, making sure to hit your pulse points so it’ll last the whole day. If you’re getting married outdoors, remember that heat intensifies a fragrance.

Selecting your bridal fragrance is a big decision, and it’s more important than you may initially think. Because smell is a major trigger for memories, both you and your significant other may remember that day every time you catch a whiff of your bridal fragrance. You’ll probably have plenty left over after your big day so you can wear it on other special occasions, too!


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