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5 Pre-Wedding Beauty Don’ts For The Bride

Pre-wedding BeautySo the venue has been booked, the caterers confirmed, wedding invites sent out, the wedding band to play on both the ceremony and reception already hired, and everything is A-OK. Perfect! Looking your best on your wedding day ought to be the next priority.

While it may seem like all you’d need to do is hire a professional makeup artist to transform you into the belle of the ball, bridal beauty should actually be planned ahead of time to ensure that you look glowing and radiant on your special day. Below are some important beauty tips to NOT do before you walk down the aisle.

1. Don’t Change Your Beauty Regimen & Products Less Than A Month From Your Wedding

Whether it is a new face cream, or even a new detergent that you use for your towels, it’s never a good idea to go for the change less than a month from your wedding date. Who knows what chemical and biological reactions that you may get out of it?

While getting an item that’s been advertised to work – and was offered on sale – may sound like a good move, the rashes and allergies you might get out of it may take you longer than the remaining time left until you say your “I Do” to recover.

2. Don’t Overdo A Tan

Sure, a natural tan can make your skin look healthier, but be careful not to overdo it. Not only will you risk getting skin damage, a spray tan gone wrong would look horrible in photos and isn’t exactly something that you can easily hide under a chunk of make-up.

3. Don’t Get A Wax Or A Facial 2 Days Or Less Before The Wedding

Waxing may irritate the skin being treated, and can cause redness and swelling. If you plan on getting your bikini line waxed for the first time, do it at least a few months before the wedding to give yourself time to adjust to the pain and irritation that can result from it. You wouldn’t want to feel all that on your wedding night, now, do you?

As for facials, have then at least a week before the big day. That way, not only will you refrain from looking like a red lobster on your wedding, you’d have time to correct any negative effects that may have resulted from these services.

4. Don’t Load Up On Salts & Dark Colored Foods & Drinks

Salt or sodium hold water, and this can result to that bloated feeling that can be uncomfortable, especially if your wedding dress allows for little space adjustments. Go for less salty food a week before the wedding to shed that extra water weight that would otherwise be in your body due to all that sodium.

Also, avoid dark-colored foods and drinks as these can stain your teeth. Minimize intake of coffee, wine, and fruits like berries to prevent this, and show off your megawatt smile confidently on your wedding day!

5. Don’t Forget Your Beauty Kit

Your beauty kit should always be readily available not only for touch-ups, but also for any beauty emergencies that may come up. This kit should not only contain your makeup, but also several items that may save the day such as bobby pins, safety pins, a needle and thread, a razor, a small pair of scissors, and deodorant, among others. It’s better to be prepared for anything that may come up!

On top of all these, be sure to feel confident about yourself as you walk down that aisle to the man you love. As much as getting yourself beautified can help you look your best, it’s that inner happiness and confidence that glows and radiates from you that can reflect true beauty as you say “I do” to the man that asked you to be in his forever.

*Photo credit: Kris Talikowski via Flickr cc


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