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From Frumpy to Fabulous: Fashion Tips for Expectant Women

There is this great misconception that being pregnant means throwing fashion to the wind in lieu of comfort. Some pregnant women believe that fashion and pregnancy are antithetical. The truth is that there are great designers that dedicate significant resources to developing maternity lines for their brand. The key understands what to do and not to do when it comes to maternity fashion. Prepare to trade frumpy in for fabulous. No matter whether you going out for dinner or to the mall there are ways to accentuate your unique maternal shape.

There are styles that focus on flattering the natural changing body of pregnant women. Focus on keeping an open mind. Don’t relegate yourself to the sorority of phi-beta-frumpy. There are lots of ways that you can maintain your sense of style while remaining comfortable. One of the common mistakes of pregnant women is to attempt to hide their bellies with layers of over-sized clothes. This is definitely a fashion no-no. You can find maternity clothes that are stylish and flattering.

There are some practical ways to get through this period. According to Baby Loves Porridge, many women gain very little weight during the first trimester – allowing them to continue wearing those flattering fashions that they have become accustomed to, but after the weight gain begins, they feel their body changing and things shifting in some very peculiar places – especially in the waist, chest and hips.

Transition Your Wardrobe

Women FashionAs you move out of your first trimester, you will find that many of your clothes will no longer fit, especially those form fitting pieces you love so much. Move all of these pieces to one side of the closet of pack them up for the time-being. Hold on to those empire-line dresses and tops, as well as your shift dresses. Loose fitting items like these will make your life so much more enjoyable, and fashionable to boot.

Buy a Bump Band

One of the best fashion investments you will make will be purchasing a bump band. This band will hug your belly in a snug manner and it is made of material that will keep your clothes from creeping up. It will also extend your ability to wear certain items in your existing wardrobe.

The bump ban also works much in the same way as spanks – providing shapeliness when you do wear outfits that are more form fitting. This allows you to have a nice beautiful bump without looking huge all over.

Maternity Jeans

Women fashion TipMoving into the second trimester you will definitely want to invest in several pair of maternity jeans. Maternity jeans are practical, comfortable and they are fashionably diverse – allowing you to dress them up or down. Maternity jeans come in virtually every style. Find the style that is most comfortable with the right level of flare. Don’t go with too much flare, it makes it harder to dress them down. Choose several different colors to open up your choices when putting outfits together. You will find that this will actually become more fun as you move along.

Accentuate Your StomachPregnant Women Fashion

According to In Style, once you moved past the five month mark, you should actually accentuate your stomach – it’s sexy. Understanding that you don’t really want to look bigger when you are pregnant, there can be a fine line in finding the right way to accentuate your belly without looking huge. One way to do this is by embracing Lycra. Lycra is stretchy and light, allowing you to wear outfits that reveal you belly and form to the contours of your body.

TLC suggests that you should embrace the changes that are taking place with your body. When you don’t embrace the changes that are inevitable it is normally because you don’t want to acknowledge that you are getting bigger. The subsequent result is to attempt to fit in clothes that are too small. Not only is this uncomfortable, but is a terrible fashion mistake.

Being pregnant is a natural part of humanity and most people view it as a beautiful thing. Embrace your new beauty and it will be expressed in your fashion.

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