Become a Party Planner

5 Skills you must have to Become a Party Planner

If you intend an event planner as a career, either independently or with any event-planning company; make sure before jumping into it whether you are a good fit for it or not. Party planner or an event planner is rewarding, and at the same time, this is rated as the most stressful job in the world. They are famous for multitasking at the same time. No matter what task is assigned, they know how to deal with it. They are ready to accomplish without missing a single beat. So when it comes to secure a successful path through the event management industry, you need to excel in diverse event planning skills to help not only but your clients too.

Here are 5 skills you must have to become a party planner:

1. Organizational Skills

Party planners are supposed to be highly organized people as this is the most demanding trait of their field. It’s believed in this industry that success is in detail, fine details. A keen eye on every single detail and perfect organization are one of the must-have-qualities of event planners.

Party planners keep all of the data of their clients on their timelines, and their budget is in check, keep track of numerous tracks, dealing with vendors, accepting change in the to-do-list all at once and keep a check on all the machines and decorations working properly. Everything must be in the check-list of a party organizer; from strategy to the post-event.

Party planners might be possibly managing more than one event at the same time, so they should be aligned properly. They should note it down somewhere as there are chances to mix things. So better stay away being messing things.

There is software available that can track the registration of the client, with different templates and spreadsheets. Better give them a try once, and figure out whether this is going to help you in arranging your tasks or not.

2. Communication Skills

Without any uncertainty, communication skill is a powerful tool for almost every profession. But in event planning, miscommunication can result definitely in a disaster and create a problem for both the client and the service provider. This can ultimately come with catastrophic results. Thus, train yourself well to understand what the client needs.

You can practice some of the below-listed planning skills that can be used to design your event;

Written communication:

  • Do write event proposal for the potential client
  • Do have a list of material that can market you firmly
  • There must be written contracts for clients and vendors, separately
  • There could be a Thank You notes to the guests, speakers or VIP’s

Verbal communication:

  • You must know the purpose of the event that you are going to organize
  • Ask again and again if you don’t understand
  • You should effectively communicate your ideas or concepts that you perceive for their event to your client
  • Negotiate the charges for venue, hotel, and extras from the vendors skillfully

Being comfortable with communicating with different people throughout the day, you should also be strong in convincing and appealing people. But this doesn’t mean you only impose your needs on the clients, and it must be a blend of both. As you have experience of designing events and they too have some requirements in their head. So it’s better to move side by side.

Strong communication and pleasant manners ensure you are not going to lose your sight of anything; your team’s actions are also included in it.

3. Networking Savvy

All the top-notch planers are network savvy, and this industry is highly people driven and based on links and relationships. So to do well, you need a variety of networking professionals like; caterers, photographers, videographers, décor designers, DJs, bands, lights, and this list never ends.

You must have all those people in your pocket every single moment, and these are the ones that can make your event that your client couldn’t forget for a longer run.

Not sure what to do with this? Ok, we have few points in this regard

You better attend ILEA or NACE workshops and go online to watch their events particularly planned for networking.

You can practice networking on social sites, join pages or groups. There you would be able to connect with likeminded people. Once you become a part of online communication, you are not going to leave this practice.

4. Budgeting

One of the most important pieces of information that must not be forgotten that you are planning the event with somebody’s money, and you are answerable to him/her. Budgeting in the event organizing industry is authoritative. It’s very easy to spend money without budgeting and décor every single corner of the venue, pay unnecessary bills, purchasing extra stuff that not require for the party. Be very smart in spending someone’s money and keep in mind this is not your money so you should be honest with your job.

5. Leadership

Till now, you have been aware of much about the skills and responsibilities that an event planner should have. There is a need for leadership and dedication to have this party event or any other event go immaculately. It’s not an easy task to multiple direct tasks based on different nature of jobs and most of all, and you are going to deal with different kind of personalities.

Leadership is a trait that comes naturally, but you can polish or improve it by practicing, and this field is not for the one who can’t lead confidently. Just think of a party planner as a conductor in an orchestra. He is the one leading the orchestra alone and besides this, he is directing and helping his team members individually or collectively. The team is constantly looking at the leading person for the commands or cues. And the moment when the team lead got confused, the whole orchestra will fall. The same is the example of event planners, and if the leader doesn’t stand tall and ready to face and solve every situation, his team can’t do well.

Closing Notes

You are now well aware of the fact that from Venue to budgeting, you are the primary source of making everything happen in and excellently perfect way. So, get ready to be an amazing event planner; this was just a small checklist of skills required. Candid passion, hands-on experience, and resilience are the tools for the recipe for being a good and successful event planner. Good luck!


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