Comfortable Throughout the Day

5 Tips for Men to Dress Well & Stay Comfortable Throughout the Day

Commonly, men pay proper attention to their overall looks and appearance, how well they have dressed, what accessories they should carry and what brands fit their personality. But in doing so, not much is regarded when it comes to comfort as for men comfort takes care of itself. However, things don’t often turn out the way we would like them to… We are constantly striving to try new tricks that might work well physically and mentally and always leave matters undecided because of the high-velocity routine. So, here we will focus on how to stay in style without having to neglect the desire for comfort and disturb mental wellbeing.

1. Keep it Simple

Always remind yourself that you are a man of the 21st century and need not hang fanciful accessories to look handsome. Know that simplicity is the key and comfort should be the priority. You have to remember that you’re a modern man, and being extravagant isn’t necessary. You don’t need a lot of bells and whistles to look great. You must feel comfortable, even men’s brief pouch should be no more than simple cotton shorts or boxers. You don’t have to be extra creative to choose the correct combination of garments, as simplicity is the ultimate art of sophistication and expression.

2. Measure of Fitness

The best way to feel comfortable without worrying about your clothes going berserk is to make sure they fit your body properly. Mostly the problem arises while wearing formal garments rather than casual clothes. Formal dresses need to be tailored according to your fit without sticking to your skin as a pair of denim. Such clothes are styled to drape and display clean lines.

Most often, men who dress occasionally consider formal dressing as means of some restriction, which has to be uncomfortable. But in fact, this is not at all the case. Men can dress up while staying comfortable and not having to constantly worry about the garments’ wrinkles…

To ensure comfortable yet formally fit attire, either you may opt for personalized tailoring or buy clothes that do not 100 % fit to your body shape but offer enough space that does not restrict your movement and allow you to breathe freely.

3. Do the Basics Right

When you have a disorganized wardrobe and everything seems like a never-ending mess then the first thing you should focus on are the basics. Just forget everything and master the basics in clothing – this alone will do wonders for you…

Always prefer plain, light-colored shits under a contrast color light self-design dress or wear line under a plain upper. Never choose to wear a check under a line dress because that would seem as if you have pulled over the entire wardrobe on yourself. The same goes for wearing casuals. Never commit this inexplicable crime of wearing a dress shirt with skinny jeans and similarly avoid wearing slim-fit printed t-shirts with Dockers!

While selecting a suit, remember that dark is classic and a simple two-button that covers both the shoulders with approx. half an inch edging defines a perfect suit. And when choosing a tie or a bow, focus on proportion and color coordination but never wear a lining tie over a lining shit, maintain simplicity. Most of them commit this very mistake by going unnecessarily extravagant. Do not be one of those, instead, focus on following the basics right.

4. Develop Your Style First

Almost every next person in the present-day society believes that following the latest trend is the hallmark of staying stylish. But honestly, trends fade with time but your unique style should be your identity, which never fades. Not every outfit displayed on the ramp fits every other man. Every person has his peculiar fits that may or may not comply with the trends. But don’t make it obligatory upon yourself to live up to the most trendy fashion icon. Develop your style and rule through your ideas and selection.

The moment you have realized what personality you want to exhibit before the world, you can begin to skim through the catalogs and find what suits you the best with the epitome of comfort.

5. Give Up on Color Restrictions

Generally, men are not into wearing bright or vibrant colors more often, just because they believe that this would destroy their sophisticated image. This is why many of them cling to the basic color scheme of shades of black, grey and blue. If you are stuck in the same patterns then it is time to expand your options.

The easiest way to determine the right color scheme for yourself is to give them a try… Ignore the friendly jabs for a while and experiment. Colors have the tendency to rejuvenate a personality and a sober pop if done the right way. But while you are in the middle of settling with a comfortable color scheme, avoid trying too many in too little time span; go slowly yet smartly.


Easy tip to choose the most suited bright scheme for you is to eliminate those colors that dull your skin tone or fail to add any spirit to your personality. But, to reach perfection, you have to try new things without worrying about voices that don’t matter. In the beginning, wear one color at a time while keeping the rest standard. Once you have learned about one color scheme, you can then shuffle the combination without much brainstorming.


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